David Jay Jordan
Sexual Pride Trips
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Brethren, don't kid yourself.... so called swingers in the so-called lifestyle are not automatically 'sexy' or friendly or loving.

Liberation sexually in no way means people automatically become nicer, gentler, or more sensitive to the needs of others. It can
be their pride trip, that actually does the opposite to them. Their swinging meet and greet dances can be the hardesy coldest
events you have ever been too rather than seductive and friendly. They can be as cliquey as any grouping you have ever been
rebuffed by. So don't get false idealism about swinging, brethren. Without the Lord and without heart, swinging or sexual
liberation is no quanantee of loving people.

For just like nudity doesn;t ensure honesty and naturalness, swinging can be anything but liberating. People can do things insiode
swinging circles that exclude. They can be on their own pride trips and try to compete or even worse force others into
submission or compliance. So as with every area of our lives, let's watch out for those on
pride trips, as arrogance always fails eventually.

Just a thought....

Endurance marathons, equipment, submissiveness

been there done that,.. every opossible variation, one up man ship

So again, we say CHRISTIANS above all others are the only ones who can truly make sexual swinging work. The worldly
people seldom get it right. Why because they are used to be self centered rather than looking out for the interests of all.

Most (not all) swingers are on pride trips or into their egos of size, measurements or endurance. We are into the sensuality, the
feelings, and meeting new real people as friends. Mere boom boom boom up in the room is hardly our end all be all, and having
bragging rights to the numbers bedded or the time frames for orgasms etc etc... just don;t interest us.