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Seeing 'tenderness' given to another
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I watched from the connecting couch, as Trixie stroked and petted with tenderness the hand of her newly beloved. It was so
caressing and sweet, and loving. I was almost jealous, that that tenderness was not being done to me. For I was the first
husband, I was the supposedly the only one that was suppose to receive such love. Nah, not so, I rethought in my mind, for I
have her almost all the time, and she strokes me lovingly in so many ways almost daily and nightly,so why not give him this
time, and her this time to show love to him, and he to her.

Would it be easier if she did it in private, maybe YES, but why not together as we become ONE. Why not show tenderness at
all times to all involved. ….For soon she was over on my connecting couch, with one hand his way and one hand my wayâ
€¦.. Trixie showing tenderness and love to BOTH of us ….. as she is always so concerned about not leaving me out. This
even though I truly do not feel left out this time, because he is so considerate and she is so considerate and loving to both.

Just a small thought on what happened, but maybe in the SPIRIT it is BIG and means a lot.

Brethren, we have soooo far to go, and so many barriers to conquer, for us to be more than conquerors, and truly
victorious soldiers of love. We have so much to fight in the spirit concerning our emotions,so much to give of ourselves, and
so many barriers we must destroy before we can become ONE.

Mat 16:18 Upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates
of hell shall not prevail against it.

Are you breaking down the gates of HELL, by caressing with love the hands of another. Does your mate give you such
freedom to not just make physical love, but to make spiritual love before them. Or do you, yourself give your mate this
freedom that can bring such victories ? Have you gotten the courage and bravery to dare to try, and even dare to fail
sometimes ? For only in going beyond the norm, and experiencing and giving can we ever WIN and reach the heights of
true ecstasy and union, of two becoming three, …and maybe four…. and maybe MORE.

Onward Christian Soldiers …