David Jay Jordan

                              Satan, Lilith, Demons and Sex

If interested in how the damnable devil works, so we can be wiser and  stronger  than our enemy who has perverted
all the true gifts of God including  sex to and for his own ends, you can read this ...e-mail that was sent to me. But  
its only  for the strong and not for the weak....and seeing we are suppose to be the  strongest and most liberated
and scripturial Christians , if we can't handle this...who can ?

For the purpose is not fascination with the dark side and their perversions but  the truth so that we can fight the
lies and the demons of the enemy.  If you don't know the Lord and His power, please don;t read further... Thanks.


In Jewish folklore and in the texts of the Kabbalah, the dark shadow  aspect of Shakti is Lilith, who was alson
known by such titles as the  Old One, the Harsh Husk, the Mother of Demons, the Woman of Harlotry,  the
Convolute Serpent, and the Northerner. Lilith was portrayed as  the the mother of all demons, which she gave
birth to after stealing  the semen of sleeping men who slept alone and impregnating herself  with it. She induced
spontaneous emission in her lovers by causing  them to experience erotic dreams. She was also believed to
provoke abortions and to strangle infants in their cribs. The Jews blamed  her for what we now call sudden infant
death syndrome, or crib death.

The following on that, is about the children aspect which I don't  deal with.

Grandmother Lilith and Lilith the Maiden

Sometimes Lilith is divided into two goddesses. The first is  Grandmother Lilith, the Ancient One, who is mainly
concerned with the  birthing and nurturing of demons, inducing abortions and still  births, and causing crib
deaths. Grandmother Lilith is the night hag  in her most horrible aspect. She is the dark reflection of the  
Matronit, and appears in European folklore as the evil fairy Godmother. She is also called Lilith the Great, and is
said to be  the consort of the demon Samael.

The second form of Lilith is Naamah, who in the Bible was the sister  of Tubalcain, "An instructor of every
artificer in brass and iron."  In the literature of the Kabalah, Naamah was transformed into a  beautiful
seductress who comes to the beds of men sleeping alone and  makes love to them. At first she appears as the most
beautiful woman  imaginable. According to the Zohar, she adorns herself as a  prostitute and stands waiting for
her victim at the crossroads. Her  hair is long and rose-red. Her cheeks are lily-white and tinged with  pink. She
wears earrings and necklaces and paints her lips. Her  dress is scarlet.

After she has captured the affection of her victim and induced him to  commit sin, she appears as a giant and
savage demoness who in many  ways bears a striking resemblance to Kali, the Hindu goddess of  destruction. She
stands before her lover clothed in flame, her body  full of eyes, a drawn sword in her hand that drips poison from
its  tip. She kills him and carries him off to hell. Naamah is the  shadow equivalent to the Shekhina. She is also
called Little Lilith  and Lilith the maiden, and is said to te the consort of the demon  Ashmodai.

With Naamah the emphasis is on the sexual act and its pleasures. She  is the beautiful Houri of forbidden lust,
and embodies the enourmous  power of sexual energy to corrpt and seduce, as well as to give joy.  With
Grandmother Lilith, the emphasis is on the unnatural offspring  born of unions between spirits and humans.
Lilith is the Great  embodies the power of sexual energy to create and bring forth into  manifest being, a power
that can be perverted to create monsters.  She is referred to in Kabalistic writings as the Alien Crown because  she
usurps the place of Matronit on the throne of heaven. She is  sexual energy used for creative purposes not
sanctioned by the holy  torah.

Both goddesses are aspects of Lilith, just as both the Matronit and  the Shekhina are two forms of the same Shakti
energy. Thus Lilith in  her undifferentiated aspect as both the mother of demons and the  seducer of human
beings is an excellent _expression of the chaotic or  destructive reflection of shakti(Kalishakti). In Jewish
folklore, all  sexual pleasure that is enjoyed for its own sake in the embrace of  spirits falls under the command
and control of Lilith, or her  daughter Naamah, since all such unions are unlawful.

The rest is about the four demon queens, in the four directions of  the earth...

To understand why Lilith is portrayed in such a completely negative  way in Jewish folklore, it must be borne in
mind that until the last  few decades sex outside of the bounds of marriage for any reason was  considered sinful
and unlawful by most Western cultures and  religions. Even sex within the bounds of marriage was looked upon
as  a sin if it was committed purely for the purposes of sensual  gratification, or if it involved variations of
technique that were  considered perverse or criminal. Such acts as fellatio, anal
intercourse, masturbation, and even intercourse that was conducted  naked in daylight or with a lamp burning
were condemned as damnable  acts.

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