David Jay Jordan
Salvation and Sexuality
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On a Liberated Christian newsgroup....., a church preacher is trying to condemn to hell anyone that gets involved in unsanctioned
sexual activity. he saying they will lose their eternal salvation if they don't repent of these sexual liberties before they die.

So Brethren, you better know that salavation and sexuality are not connected. Your sex and sexual activities in no way effects
your salvation. The Lord died for your salvation and if you accepted Him, you have salvation NOW and forever. Your freedoms
can come from your absolute confidence in knowing the Lord loves you eternally, but your sexual freedoms CAN NOT bring
you down. They can liberate you and you can actually help others and love others through them, but they are not tied to your
salvation. Your salvation is a done deal. You can never ever lose the salvation you have already received from the Lord.

Jesus never lost a sheep

                                                           Excerpt from that discussion...

Ok Preacher, you truly have hit a low point in your damnable preaching when you teach that salvation is based on our sexual
activities that is a blatant damnable lie. Our slavation is based on accepting Jesus as our Saviour and has absolutely nothing to do
with our flesh, but that our hearts accept Him and His RIGHTEOUSNESS.


In other words, Preacher like a true scribe and pharisee, you love the LAW and think you fulfill the LAW and obey the
commandments of God. You think you have Eternal Life because you keep the commandments of the scribes and pharisees. You
worship your own self righteousness which is the worst of all sins and yet you don't see it or understand this.


You by your self righteousness are committing the worst of all sins


And yet you try to condemn others and put them in prison rather than in the LIBERTY the Lord has died to give them. For
when you state ..... You "love" your neighbor when you help them to attain eternal life.

You Preacher have come HERE to try and take away Eternal Salvation away from these Brethren, that are searching for the
Grace and MERCY of the Lord and looking to love their fellow human beings. You are trying to take away their freedom and
even their SALVATION. Shame on you and yet this is the ploy of all, scribes and pharisees to base salvation on our personal
self righteousnesses.

Salvation is based on GRACE not WORKS.


So you not only get the secondary precepts of the Lord wrong, your whole foundation is rotten and perverted right at its core.
You have salvation wrong. You literally have no concept of the Grace and MERCY of the Lord because you think you have no
sin and have no need of His Healing.

Maybe I should have been easier on you.... but when you lie and steal and try to kill the Salvation that the Lord died for, then we
are told to rebuke before all, those that sin before all. And your sin is immense, Preacher !! And you have done it blatantly before
ALL. Shame on you !!!  (End of excerpt)


For the Lord judges us by our heart and not our sexuality, orientation or sexual activites. So let's stay humble and loving to HIM
and receive Him as our  SAVIOUR and REDEEMER