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Many sexually liberated people eventually get into some form of sadomasochistic bondage, BDSM, so is it allowable or NOT ?
Well Trixie and I have been thinking about it for a while, and just can't see how the Lord would participate in something like that,
or even watch from a far as his people did it to one another, even if there is consent among adults.

Therefore don't give us the excuse that the WORD doesn't mention it, and therefore it is allowable and acceptable because it
evades direct mention. WHY, because the pinciples of the Bible and of the Lord mention over and over again about freedom and
freedom from pain and suffering. Jesus came to release us from the fear of pain not relish in giving or receiving pain.

And again don't say that they are small soft whips and not the hard kind and don't say you only hit on the buttocks and no one
ever gets hurt or mained. For even if physically blood isn't drawn and bones aren't broken, it is terrible for the spirit and the
mind to be chained up and whipped. Jesus wants to set the captives free, so no man or woman can dominate us and force us to
do anything. We are bought with a price, (his blood) so be not ye the servants of men and women. He has
redeemed and
ransomed us from bondage, so don't return mentally , spiritually or physically, but learn to give and receive love as equals with
respect and dignity and EMOTION. And don't play mind and whip games that pretend that bondage is beneficial and thrilling.

Going to the limits of your pain threshold is not love. Getting every ounce of sensation out of overtaxed neurons is not love.
Getting spanking in domination is not love. So please don't tell me it is a release to have it done to you. Or don't tell me, that
demanding insensitive tyranical C.E.O.'s need time off to be slaves so they can unwind from the rigors of their stressful lifes as
TYRANTS and MASTERS over their slaves. Absolutely not, they need to make their lives consistent and always treat others with
respect and as equals, even if they have employees under them..

Therefore I don't think there is any excuse for 'S & M Bondage'.
Jesus wouldn't approve, He wouldn't enter in with a group
doing it, so it is therefore out of bounds. It doesn't take a theological degree to understand this divergent behaviour. If people do
it, its up to them, and YES they could still be Christians. But obviously not the strong independant,sensitive Christians that we
would want to be joining with us in Communion to a fearful and awesome LORD. They would bring us down, and their lack of
purity in heart and mind would be a hindrance and a weakness into which our spiritual enemy could attack.

Sorry, I and we can't see any Christian motive for bondage and inflicting pain on others or yourself. We have had enough pain
and sorrow. If you haven't been whipped in person in your past, maybe you would understand this. For it isn't pleasureable to
endure pain nor to inflict pain on others.

We are here to stop pain and suffering and release the captives. The sexual MAGICK we will be doing will be focused on
stopping abuses, not some grandiose power trip. Our magic will be focused on releasing literal prisoners from jail, not for some
show of personal power to admirers. Our Magic is just the opposite of S& M  Bondage. Our power of love releases the
Prisoners' in heart, soul and body to truly find their indiviuality and power with the Lord.]

In Our Opinion from Scriptures and Life

David and Trixie
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