Here is a list of words, and the proper interpretation of them from the Song of Solomon

          (Courtesy of the Lord via .... )

Apples: testicle

Clusters (of the palm): breasts

Dew: male sexual secretions

Feed among the lilies: oral sex or sexual kissing

Fruit: genitals, male or female (usually female)

Gazelle: penis

Entering the Garden: sexual intercourse

Fawns: breasts

Foxes: interruptions or obstacles to sex

Garden: vulva and vagina

Garden of Nuts: penis and testicles

Know/knowing/known: sexual intercourse

Lovesick: horny

Mountains: breasts

Myrrh: female sexual secretions

Orchard of Pomegranates: vulva and vagina

Palm: woman's body

Pleasant Fruits: pleasure coming from the vagina. The Song likens
entering the garden to entering paradise.

Round goblet: vulva

Stag: penis, sometimes the whole male body

Towers: breasts

Twins of a gazelle: breasts

Vine: penis, sometimes the whole body

Vineyard: the woman's body or genitals

Wine: symbol of erotic pleasure

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