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The Rock and
the Spirits
Allow me to share this dream the Lord gave me back in the late 90's. It went like this. ‘I was walking towards the place where
we can find our lodging for the night. And me and these other companions of mine were suppose to stay there for the night. I was
always behind everybody though, as I walked up this hill. But before I reached our destination, I stopped, because to my right
side, I saw a huge granite boulder. It was so high I had to look up to see the top. But it was behind this iron gate, made of iron
bars. The rock being behind this iron gate.

I thought to myself, here is such a beautiful creation of God and how wonderful it was and yet it was so close to the path. I
thought everyone should admire this. I don't know how long I was standing there. And I knew that my companions were long
gone. But I had no need to hurry and catch up with them for I knew where they were going.

So I took my time. But as I'm about to leave, suddenly I saw the huge rock move or vibrate and I wondered how such an
enormous rock could do this. So I approached even closer, but found out the rock wasn’t moving but that the iron barred
gate was moving and sliding sideways. I could see that the gate had this lock at one end. And it had been unlocked so that the
whole gate was sliding to open up the face of this huge granite rock.

It was moving to the left. Slowly it slid, to the side. I was very fascinated by this, I could hardly imagine how it could move but it
did. And as soon as the gate was all the way open, THEN I saw a spirit come out of the rock. Not only one or two but more and
more came out of the rock.

They sped by me, some heading this way, others a different way, dispersing everywhere. They were just zooming out from of this
huge gigantic rock right by me. And yet as I was watching these spirits leave this rock, I didn’t notice that one spirit had
stopped. He stood just a little ways from where I stood. But when he turned around, I saw him. He then started to speak to me.
He told me that I should get away from their ‘pathway’ so I won't get ‘hurt’. He also told me that ‘Those spirits
are bad and that I shouldn’t be there.’
But to me, he didn’t seem bad like the others just ‘mischievous’. He said, he was planning to do cause trouble with this
lone cow, we could see in a nearby field.

It was evening but getting darker all the time. I saw a lot of these spirits fly away but the one that stayed and talked to me, he was
saying that they are only allowed out ‘ONCE’. He said, ‘Everyone had a chance to get out and be free to do anything
they want.’ It seemed they had been bound there for so long and yet THEN, it was their turn to get out, even though their was
a time limit. And when this time was over, all of them had to get back into the rock for the gate had to be closed and locked up

And yet when I looked back on this rock, I saw that it was hallow inside. I wondered why it was hallow and was just about to ask
the one spirit about it, but he was gone too. When I didn’t see anyone anymore, I decided to go up where my friends went, so I
was just merely walked towards to the place up above the hill. Then I woke up.

And till now I can still tell the dream exactly how it happened just like I just dreamed it. It is so vivid in my mind. I can still see the
hallowed out rock and I can see the iron barred gate that seemed to prevent these spirits from escaping.

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