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Anyone that studies the life of Robert the Bruce should be convinced that he was indeed a King in the lineage of King David of
Israel. There are just two many things that seem to confirm that he was indeed chosen by the Lord to carry on the Lord’s
promises to King David of Old through his lineages

The line having gone down from King David to Solomon to the Kings of Israel, through Zedikiah daughter going to Ireland, and
then that lineage going to Scotland to become their royal heritage onward to King Robert the Bruce and then to his son David.
For Robert's crowning and enthronement was upon the true
CORONATION STONE, or Stone of Destiny … and he was a
true warrior king as were his forefathers. Therefore he had to have been in the lineage of his great forefather, King David of Old.
He fit the mold, and was duly annointed and set upon the THRONE. Hence the succeeding lineage of King Richard is all
important, as his succession went to his son…… David.   Was naming him David, a coincidence ?, I think not.

(From  http://www.rampantscotland.com/famous/blfamdavid2.htm )

King David was married at the age of four to  an English lineage

David was Robert the Bruce's only surviving son, born in 1324 when Bruce was aged 50, and he was only five years old when
his father died. At the age four, he was married to Joan, sister of Edward III of England (she was seven) as Robert the Bruce
tried to establish better relations with England. Following the death of Robert the Bruce in 1329, David was crowned at Scone
on 24 November 1331, holding a small scepter specially made for him.

But they had no children ….. until David married a second time, to Margaret Drummond, but he died in Edinburgh Castle in
February 1371 without
legitimate issue. He was no doubt disappointed that he was succeeded by his nephew, Robert II, son
of Walter the 6th High Steward of Scotland and the founder of the
Stewart Dynasty. For many years he had regarded his
nephew with considerable suspicion as Robert was a son of Marjorie Bruce, a daughter of King Robert I, and thus had a
legitimate claim to the throne.

Hence it appears that King David 2 of Scotland had no legitimate son because history states he was without legitimate issue,
meaning a legitimate son by legitimate church backed marriage.THaving 'no legitimate issue being a discreet way of saying he
had illegitimate children but none duly sanctified by the church system. And so a false lineage, and un-ordained suspicious
English usurping lineage of the House of Steward, took over the throne.

But wait a minute, no child is illegitimate with the Lord. All children are from him, and the Lord promised there would always
be a direct lineage from King David of Old to and through to King David in the End Time. Therefore may I suggest that it is
HERE, where the throne was given to the false heirs and usurpers, a mere nephew of the House of Steward.. Robert II

Therefore the illegitimate son of King David 2 of Scotland or even his legitimate daughter was in the rightful lineage of the Lord,
even though this lineage has slipped into mystery since. It matters not, because it went on whether on a throne in Scotland, or
England, so as to revealed and enthroned in the End Time. This done once again on the Stone of Destiny.

 Because the House of Steward, the House of the English Kings is obviously not the kingship of the Lord, but a false lineage
anointed on a false stone. This is why, they are Illuminati Dan based, and from them the Anti-Christ false David and false
Christ shall arise. This Anti-Christ claiming he is of the rightful lineage to the throne and therefore worthy to be worshipped
and obeyed.

But King David 2 of Scotland can not be thrown out or usurped out of the lineage of the Lord.
Robert the Bruce and King David 2 of Scotland
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