David Jay Jordan's

                 Prophecy is Positive not Negative

Some people have the whole wrong impression about prophecy just as they have the wrong interpretation of the
Bible and it all stems from their very basic of beliefs.
For if we truly love the Lord and His world to come, we know that our time here is
temporal and our Time there is eternal.

We are aligned to Him and His justice and not depandant on nationalistic people for justice. We KNOW the
LORD is in control and not mere governments and circumstances. we have FAITH and not FEAR. We have
clarity of mind and purpose and NOT confusion. We know the basics and await further instruction. We aren't
negative but positive, we aren't fretting and fuming but trying to warn the worthy of the Lord's kingdom to come.

We don't worry about the false prophets who promise peace and saefty with their
worldly churches and worldly political allegiances.  We are beyond them and they fight the Lord's truths tooth
and nail, LITERALLY. They  are blind and want others to stay blind like themselves. They don't know
prophecy and yet fight even the simpliest of principles.

We have a vision they have none. They look to themselves for deliverance and will phone their authorities that
they trust in, when there world collapses.  But what is that to us, we must go on, and say what the Lord has told
us to say...and even warn the wicked of their wicked ways.

For PROPHECY encourages the Lord's sheep, whereas the collapse of this world
depresses those that have put their faith in it. So long live the Lord's Words and the words of His prophets as
written in the Bible, for they shall be fulfilled with or without or right over those that fight them.

Thank the Lord for his truths

Jay (Jordan Fisherman)
Prophecy 3