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Privy Members like unto Horses
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Below is excerpts from Enoch which  1. Shows the fallen angels produced the children of FORNICATION, and that just sex
within our kind was not deemed producing 'children of fornication.' Fornication comes from the evil mating of those of
different kinds, and the angels were NOT suppose to mate with our women.  2. Note that these rebellious proud fallen angels
had massive penises, probably by design in their pride, and they were out or proportion to our kind and type, and like horses
in this regard.

Enoch is a great book, and part of the Bible as it was quoted many times and read by the Lord's disciples, surely upon
encouragement by the Lord Himself.

Anyway here it tis ...


Privy Members like unto horses

And on the day of the great judgment he shall be cast into the fire. And heal the earth which the angels have corrupted, and
proclaim the healing of the earth, that they may heal the plague, and that all the children of men may not perish through all
the secret things that the watchers have disclosed and have taught their sons. And the whole earth has been corrupted
through the works that were taught by A**** to him And to Gabriel 'Proceed against the bastards and ~and against the
children of FORNICATION and destroy the children of the watchers cause them -to go forthl : send them one may destroy
each other in
battle: for days shall they not have. And no request that have made, they be granted

I have already seen in a vision, and I make known to thee that in the generation of my father ~ some of the angels of heaven
transgressed the word of the Lord. And behold they commit sin and transgress the law, and have united themselves with
women and commit sin with them, and have married some of them, and have begot children by them. And they shall produce
on the earth giants and there shall be a great punishment on the earth, and the earth shall be cleansed from all impurity. Yea,
there shall come a great destruction over the whole earth, and there shall be a deluge and 16 a great destruction for one
year. And this son who has-been born unto you shall be left on the earth, and his three children shall be saved with him:
when all mankind that are on the earth 8 shall die [he and his sons shall be saved] .And now make known to thy son Lamech
he who has been born is in truth his son, and call his name Noah; for he shall be left to you, and he and his sons shall be
saved-from the destruction, which shall come upon the earth on account of all the sin and all the unrighteousness, which shall
be consummated on the earth in his days. And after that there shall be still more unrighteousness than that which was-
11rs~onsummated on the earth; for I know the mysteries of the holy ones; for He, the Lord, has showed me and informed
me, and I have read (them) in the heavenly tablets.


And there was something sexually special about these fallen angels that might indicate their pride as in Chapter 88, they were
described having …'privy members like those of horses, and bound them all hand and foot, and cast them into the abyss of
the Earth. For similarly in Chapter 91, it describes these fallen disobedient angels exactly the same way as ….All the stars
whose PRIVY MEMBERS were like those of horses….. were judged and found guilty and were cast into that fiery abyss. This
being a discreet way of saying they had very big penuses, and yet they should NOT have been cross breeding with our women.


Chapter 9: 5-11

Thou hast made all things, and power over all things hast Thou: and all things are naked and open in Thy sight, and Thou
seest all things, and nothing can hide itself from Thee. Thou seest what Azazel hath done, who hath taught all
unrighteousness on earth and revealed the eternal secrets which were preserved in heaven, which men were striving to
learn: And Semjaza, to whom Thou hast given authority to bear rule over his associates. And they have gone to the
daughters of men upon the earth, and have slept with the women, and have defiled themselves, and revealed to them all kinds
of sins. And the women have borne giants, and the whole earth has thereby been filled with blood and unrighteousness. And
now, behold, the souls of those who have died are crying and making their suit to the gates of heaven, and their lamentations
have ascended: and cannot cease because of the lawless deeds which are wrought on the earth.

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