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                         Prayers, and Rituals in Steps

Consider the possibility that our prayers have to be in order or in steps to be really
effective. We are suppose to start with praise and thankfulness, and respect the
King in
due reverence and love. (Psalm 100 : 4) And then and only then petition Him for what we
want whether wisdom or health or finances etc. etc. and then close off in thankfulness
and absolute
Faith.  Right ?

For is this not also what initiations also do, even the perverse and demonic Masonic
ones. They go through stages and rituals that purport to demonstrate and illustrate
truths that they are trying to ingrain in their people.

For are there not steps to success even with the Lord such as in Alcholics Anomimous.
Are there not firing systems that have to go in order before a rocket can blast off. Don't
our engines have to be heated up in sequential order before we can really get in gear
and really take off.

Doesn't everything have to be aligned just right before the
Laser beam gets in exact
step and
Frequency with the initiatory frequency that is followed exactly by the laser
beam of POWER.

And couldn't prayer be more than just one person praying and be more powerful if in a
group of individuals with individual faith all praying and focusing on one thing and one
Lord. (Jesus). For yes, churches attempt this in their group prayers, but aren't the more
focused ones in small circles more effective. And isn't a circled prayer more effective as
even the ritualistic pagan have found out. Doesn't it connect us up more being in the
Lord's created temple outside rather than always inside in man's poorly created and
artificial temples ?

And isn't everything we do in prayer or ritual suppose to connect up directly to real
truths in the spirit world just as In Communion. Doesn't everything mean something
and have a meaning. And isn't our prayer or
Ritual or ceremony the more powerful with
the more truths we incorporate into it and the more heart and soul and mind and body
we put into it ?

So what is the most potent prayer to the Lord and what prayer session or what
theatrical representation of what truths is the most potent and powerful, and what will
connect up the most with Him ?

Communion Yes, but what steps are involved ? What is the sequence ? What are the
frequencies in science that co-relate to these steps ? or is this All a mystery that we will
never know ? For I think there is nothing covered that shall not be revealed. Why
because we need to connect up with the Lord more than just individually and more than
just the old church way, but the Lord's ultimate way, if we are to follow Him through


David jay Jordan