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Pray against the dam 'Succulus'
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I got this prayer request via email, but I'm not much of a prayer warrior or a believer in asking for prayer from others in most
cases, as the prayer the Lord and demons mainly listen to is 'us' ourselves.

> David:

> I would like to request your prayers.  Several years
> ago, I came under demonic attack, without going
> into all the details.  It affected me spirit,
> soul,and body.  I was later diagnosed schizophrenic.
> I feel like claws are in my had, and things play
> with my genitals a lot.

> I have been seeking deliverance ever since.  I have
> gotten very little help from the churches,
> and have been kicked out of several.

> Please pray.  I'm at the point where God is either
> going to deliver me or not.

> Anomyomous BondSlave of Jesus Christ

I wrote back saying .....

My prayers don't do much, but I shall and WILL.

But you just telling the dam bastard or bastards that you are of the Lord JESUS, and curse the bastards to HELL is much more
effective. Rebuke the demons and mean it, and continue to serve the Lord. To HELL with them Bro..... and just keep serving the

In Jesus Name, I pray, that these dam devilishy demons get off *****'s back and away from his genitals and out of his head. I
Rebuke them  in Jesus Name. Get thousand meters into the ground and be gone...In JESUS NAME .. Amen !!

Say Amen ****** and they are gone. Don't fear them .. rebuke them and they are gone !!!! Dam bastards of hell !!

You're healed ******, just believe it.

Love in Jesus and His Spirit that protects us.



Because Brethren, the dam demons can have no power over us except us allowing them to make us afraid so we coweer before
them. But seeing they can not take away our freedom of choice (ever) we can personnally rebuke them and get rid of them by
choice. (while we still have our minds. And when a male is attacked in the genitals it can be a succulus (Whereas a woman
attacked in her genitals - even when sleeping - it can be an incubus) So fight the bastards and tell them to go to "HELL' where
they belong.

Succubus   ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Succubus )
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A bracket carved as a winged succubus on the outside of an English inn, suggesting that a brothel could have been found
medieval legend, a succubus (plural succubi; from Latin succubare, "to lie under") is a female demon which seduces men
(especially monks) in dreams to have sexual intercourse. They draw energy from the men to sustain themselves, often until the
point of exhaustion or death. From mythology and fantasy, Lilith and the Lilin (Jewish), Lilitu (Sumerian) and Rusalka (Slavic)
were succubi.

According to the Malleus Maleficarum, or "Witches' Hammer", succubi would collect semen from the men they slept with, which
incubi would then use to impregnate women. Children so begotten were supposed to be more susceptible to the influence of

Honoré de Balzac wrote a short story The Succubus concerning a 1271 trial of a she-devil succubus in the guise of a woman,
who amongst other things could use her hair to entangle victims.


Jesus can free us and our Brethren, please pray for him ... for his total deliverance and healing and further service to the Lord.

David and Trixie