Eventually, maybe soon, maybe later, the Lord will reveal to us, how His Free Energy works,
as carbon burning and nuclear power, wind power, etc.... are man's attempt are great polluters
and have caused no end of misery in causing wars and subjugating the world's people's.
  So rather than merely being theortical, let me advance a possible prototype and how it
 As you should know by NOW, the Lord used the Golden Section or Phi ratio to create all of
His Creation whether in the macrocosm or microcosm. So the Golden Section power
mathematics of 'Squaring the Circle' is surely the core principle involved in His Free Energy.
This was taught in the 'mystery schools' as knowledge was literally power. The knowledge of
geometry and the expanding contracting, ever aligned phi ratios was the key. This being the
exact ratios of the Earth and the Moon, which is why 'Drawing Down the Moon' was so
important to the dark side, and why the right LIGHT side so awaits the drawing down of New
Jeruslam and its PHI pyramid onto the Earth, as the Lord's Ruling City of the Universe.
 For New Jerusalem's alignment and size again is the key because it corresponds to the golden
section rations in a phi pyramid, or squaring of the Great Earth Circle. Its a natural source of
energy, straight from the Creation itself.
 Therefore, the obvious theory and application is that if we align ourselves as the greatest
creation, male and female, we can produce the energy required and needed, simply by drawing
from the Lord's Creation. Why because we are in harmony or in ratio with the golden section or
phi ratio. We 'magically correspond to its principle....as size does not matter, only the ratio's and
comparative sizes, etc.
 So enough talk or theory or study, lets try and fail til we succeed by the Lord's Grace. For
with the Lord, all things are possible. And as many as received HIm, to them gave He power,
that they might become the 'sons of God.' Lets take it literally and not just 'say one day, it shall
come, but today start putting together prototypes, and search and seek out the Lord's clean
energy for the Lord's people and their purposes.
Practical Prototype