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Power Position Rapes
Can I mention a few possibilities about 'power-position' raping and about men being raped sexually, economically or
emotionally. I might add this last part, cause men can be raped in different ways than women, but nevertheless it is still a form
of rape. And along these lines I have had some experience, bad experiences, so that what I and we write later concerning a
possible method for healing concerning rape, might be applicable to both women and men, sisters and brothers HERE.

WHY, because men or women can be the violators, power can be misused by both males and females, when they think they can
get away with it. So if we all do the research, I think we will find that power positional rape is even defined in law, as anyone
who takes their position or control over another, to seduce or influence them to have sexual relationships.

This could be in a family relationship, a father over a daughter..... or maybe a minister over a member of the congregation or
a choir boy..etc. etc... or a lawyer over their client ... or a doctor over their patient. These kind of power positioning influences
over a person are intimidating and hence a free will decision can not be made.

This is why
King David's Rape of Bathseba, was so vile. He seduced using his power as her king, to get her in bed.... and so
the Lord had to punish him, remove the baby... especially after King David vilely got her husband murdered in battle. All this
done by
King David so as to cover his initial sin.  Sex isn't sinful automatically but such power control sex IS !!!! And so the Lord of
ALL judged King David and the whole kingdom.  SEE  
King Davids Adultery

This is why, it is illegal even in man's law for an adult to have sex with someone below the age of 14. Under that age they are
rightly deemed not to be old enough to freely choose. (that's the age in Canada). And yet if there is a power-position
relationship over the youth, then the youth has to be over 18. So at least the law recognises that we should be protecting our
young sexually.
Protect the Young Sexually

Protect the young sexually, protect those that can't mentally make a decision mentally, and protect anyone that does not have a
FREE WILL CHOICE. Because brethren, as mentioned there are a multitude of sexual sins. Being liberated does not mean all
sex is
unsinful. Not true, it just means we should be more aware of what sexual sins really are...!!!

O.K. but lets also mention that men can be raped. Very very seldom by physical force, even though it is possible...but by threats
it is more possible. And similiarly men can be raped at the end of a marriage by a divorce settlement that favours the woman,
making him work and support his ex wife, and yet not getting the joy of being the father of their children. That's a huge subject,
so let's remember that men are not just the aggressors, but can also be the victums of rape. They can get raped economically so
they pay for years and years, and can get embitterred against women. For though men can sometimes be classed as only after
sex, it might also be said, that worldly women can be considered only after money. It's a lot more complicated, but such is part
of the sexuality of our times. Sex and money go together, and people who don;t marry for the Lord and His work can be faced
with this sexual problem. rape within marriage and rape after divorce.

Me, I was raped numerous times when I was within a missionary group where the elders and leaders were the elite who took
advanatage of their positions to rape the younger women or sisters. It was horrifying and damnable, and we complained
vociferiously about what was happenning, which is why they ex-communicated us from the Family of Love. I being a mere
missionary on the field with my beautiful wife trixie and kids, were deemed belwo their status and therefore to be preyed upon.
She being a target and me being worthless and unattractive and to be discared, because there was no adbvantage in going with
me. Making love was done for either elite pleasure or from those below to gain in status by allowing their superiors to make
love to
them, or should I say having sex with them. It was a sexula game and not the Lord's love, and for this cause they also got
judged !!! Thank the Lord.

So as I have eluded to before, we may not know all about good sex, swinging etc. but we have extensive knowledge about bad
sex, and immorral motivations, and the vile of power-position rapes. Whewee, I know this is too long, but it needed to be said,
from our side, and maybe for a few of you aswell.

This newsgroup is suppose to be about a whole lot more than mere sexual pleasure, as we all must have had bad experiences
that we have to conquer if we are to go ON, and be conquerors in love. This healing for both women and men. Both genders
healing in my opinion, for neither gender in my opinion are holy and righteous and pure.

Lets get healed and continue on...Onward christian Soldiers

Hebrew 12:13 And make straight paths for your feet, lest
that which is lame be turned out of the way; but let
it rather be healed.

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