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                                    Polygamy versus Monogamy

There are no references in the Bible limiting how many wives a man could have. And in practice, almost all our great forefathers in
the Faith, had multiple wives. Abraham, Moses, David, Solomon etc. etc. So there is absolutely no basis for thinking 'Monogamy'
is a requirement of the Lord.

It is however a law in most countries as monogamy makes inheritance, taxes and other legal matters easier to control and process.
And seeing it is a law it should therefore be obeyed when in that land. But from a Biblical perspective, if a man had the wealth or
position to keep more than one wife, 'Polygamy' was the rule rather than the exception. But you also have to be aware of the fact
that in Biblical times, a woman was deemed just a mere possession rather than the equal partner that the Lord has now liberated.
Equality not Patriarchy). A woman could be bought as a wife, whether the first, second or whatever ..... the same as slaves
could be bought.

And if you truly study your Bible's, you will even see that the Children of Israel, were not from just one wife, but two. And these
two wives of Jacob, Leah and Rachel, also gave their handmiaden (slaves) to Jacob, from which came more male Children of Israel.
This making twelve in total. The handmaidens didn't have the same status as the wives, but the offspring were deemed equal
because they came from the patriarchial father. The wives weren't always pleased with the husband taking on a new wife, but they
had little power to stop the addition of new wives, handmaidens, or even concubines.

The concubines you will read about of david and Solomon and others were basically just sex slaves that seemed to be bought and
sold just as slaves for labor were bought and sold, and all the rich and kings seemed to have them according to their wealth.
Solomon had seven hundred of these, as well as three hundred wives. Way too many, YES, but the number he had isn;t said to
have been his sin. But the way, Solomon compromised his Godly Faith, was as he built temples for his heathen wives that caused
the nation to stumble.

So no matter where you look it appears that the number of people we love is not the determining factor to whether or not a sexual
act is a sin. Marriage was definitely encouraged by the Lord, but He never seemed to limit love to just one person or partner.
There is NO where in the Old or New Testament that I or you can find where polygamy is banned or monogamy dictated, but
please do research this for yourselves. And so along these lines, allow me to post a few verses from the Bible that might be helpful.

I Titus 1:6   
If any be blameless, the husband of one wife, having faithful children not accused of riot or unruly.           
1Titus  3:2  
A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober, of good behaviour, given to
hospitality, apt to teach
1Titus  3:12
Let the deacons be the husbands of one wife, ruling their children and their own houses well.


Sorry that's it, that's all the verse on having one wife, or supposed Monogamy, that I can find and they are all written by Titus,
whereas there are none in the Old Testament at all. So it seems all the above verses show is that the early church under Jesus'
direction wanted their shepherds over the flocks to be married to at least one wife. For in this way they would know and
understand the trials and tribulations of marriage and possible answers from direct experience. Marriage is a great teacher of
humility and working together and hence the Lord and scriptures encourages the sanctity of marriage.

But always in scriptures and from the words of the Lord's prophets, it seems that our earthly relationship whether with one or
more wives has to be kept secondary to our love for our primary and FIRST LOVE .... the LORD. (SEE
Ungodly Romantic Love)
For He is our  ONE and ONLY BRIDEGROOM in scriptures and we are His Bride if we love Him completely whether we are
male or female. (SEE
Multiple Bride of Christ in the Old Testament) Even at the start of Mathew 25, the Lord talks aboutHis
Brides, and as an example says there are ten not one. While in Revelation, the Virgin Bride consists of
144,000, so obviously with
his wealth and GREAT love, He can love us all equally.

So can we love more than one, it seems obvious to me from scriptures, history, other cultures, and personal experience.. YES. All
are different and different types and degrees of love are possible, including different sexual liaisons. It seems to be only determined
by culture, and our mutual agreement with our mate or mates, our strength, maturity and our FAITH. I certainly wouldn’t
encourage any to marry legally more than one wife or one husband as that in most countries is illegal, but in the majority of
countries it is legal for consenting adults to have sex or mate. And from what I have read and experienced from the Lord, He also
requires us to take our responsibilities seriously to them very seriously. For even though the legal system may allow our liasons,
He may NOT. So we better proceed with the Fear of the Lord and
Real LOVE..

And I would also add, that NOW, in the End Times it is a NEW Day, because now wives are not mere property but have been
liberated by the Lord. And they like always are equal with us, men, because what is true for males is just as true for the females.
And both should be in agreement with polygamous arrangements. We can’t forsake the original for an addition, as the Lord has
always frowned on the putting away of another…always !!.

All are
EQUAL in the Lord including all nationalities, as no nationality is above any other. We all are free to love in my opinion
according to our
FAITH, and faith only comes by researching the Word and asking the living WORD… Jesus. But please donâ
€™t take this as the gospel truth, because we each have to give an account of our beliefs and consequent actions personally and
individually directly to the Lord. We can NOT rely on the faith of myself, others, or even our group, we must rely on our
personal FAITH alone.(in my opinion)

All the best in His LOVE


David Jay Jordan