David Jay Jordan
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February 25, 2011, 9:57 AM

As I mentioned previously, once the feces starts hitting the fan, you won't have much time to study and discern and think and
contemplate at your leisure and be concerned about your pleasures. Those days can fade rather quickly.

First Tunisia, then a very public revolt in Egypt, and dictators being replaced. And now surely Lybia, Yemen and maybe even
Bahrain....and onward.

But it is sooo deceptive, it looks like it is people power. It looks like people have just had enough, and finally are over
throwing their oppressive masters and slave drivers. But wait a minute, that's not how the world works. So back off from this
shallow delusion, and lets rethink what's really happenning and compare it to prophecy, so we get it right.

The dam perverted Illuminati and NWO control everything, nothing is allowed to happen without their orchestration. No revolt
is possible unless they have deemed it necessary for their complete overtaking of the whole world. Therefore all these little
revolts can not be mere random and spontaneous revolts to freedom and liberation. Its impossible, even though it has been
orchestrated to look like 'just ordinary common people' grouping together without fear and causing revolts and change without

OK, now in Lybia, Gadafi, the perverted, is fighting his removal with violence against the protesters, as in time all change is
opposed by military forces and might. That's the way the world is, their militaries are the terrorist organizations that either
make others conceed and surrender or are put into action to do the same.

There will be another war in the Mid East that will engulf Lebanon, Syria, IRAN, Gaza, etc... as America and Israel shall attack
under some excuse. And it will be violent rather than unarmed.

But it's severity will be so bad, that it will seemingly force all the world or at least TEN COUNTRIES to sign the Peace
Agreement or COVENANT of Daniel. This again, making the world's populations have faith in peace and mankind in coming
together for peace and change and liberation and working together.

Its an atitude that is being instilled in people to look for peace and a peacemaker. Someone who will embody and lead change
not just in one country but throughout the world.

Not just a temporary old guard military provisional government (Egypt) but someone who can speak for all the people.
Someone who will be for the common people, the little people, who will do what no other has been able to do ever.

Daniel 11

23And after the league made with him he shall work deceitfully: for he shall come up, and shall become strong with a small
24He shall enter peaceably even upon the fattest places of the province; and he shall do that which his fathers have not done,
nor his fathers' fathers; he shall scatter among them the prey, and spoil, and riches: yea, and he shall forecast his devices against
the strong holds, even for a time.

For who is going to arise from Russia, and deliver the Russian people from their dictator Putin and Medelev. Who is going to
arise among the small common people and give them their former glory of the Tzar's ? The Anti-Christ ?

And how is he going to do it, by spreading the wealth to the common people, to the workers who are rebelling in Greece,
Iceland, Ireland, from their oppressers the bankers and the elitists. The Anti-Christ ? For he will be a People Power Leader and
eventually be praised as a People Power Saviour.

For he using the might of Russia, shall rid the world of the worst dictatorship in the world, the one country causing most of the
wars, America. Using nucl;ear violence, he shall bring peace and be deemed the peacemaker, the Saviour of the world. And the
deceived world will think it is all just a spontaneous unorhanized revolt of the little people in bringing liberation to all. It will
absolutely enthrall them in zealotry to being faithful to their King of this world....and fighting all opposition... for what they
shall call PEACE and PLENTY and a People Power Revolution that will sweep the world.

And they will all point to NOW when it all started as their beginning, to supposedly inspire others to get on board the people
power movement.

But its a deception brethren, it has been orchestrated and has been allowed and is being designed to bring on the rise of the their
Saviour, the Anti-Christ.

People Power to People's Saviour, the A.C.