David Jay Jordan's

                                    Parable of the Fig Tree

The parable of the fig tree as mentioned by our Lord in Mathew 24, a whole chapter dedicated to his
description of His own 2nd coming. concerns knowing the signs of the time. His whole Creation created by
Jesus not damnable Mother Nature, has principles that we can relate back to spiritual principles. In His created
nature, when a tender plant is putting forth leaves, it is spring and a few months later in the summer there is
supposed to be fruit.

From Genesis 1 and first commandment to reproduce to Jesus commandment to be fruitful as Christians and
produce more Christians, the Lord has always wanted and expected and demanded fruitfulness. Not introverted
fruit of personal gain but giving out God's word so it can produce more Christians. This is why Jesus cursed the
tree that had no fruit. Jesus and His children are hungry and need nourishment and fruit, so trees should have
fruit in their season.

This fig tree will give fruit or figs IMO, as it is in the End-time as mentioned Many times and is an end-time
tree, not physical Israel but spiritual Israel. It happens in a day, and our nation is built or put together in a day,
literally by the Two branches of Zech. 4, otherwise known as the two witnesses or prophets of Revelations 11.
These prophets of YHWH (Father, Son and Holy Ghost) are mentioned from the Torah of Moses through all
the prophets and onto the
Revelation of Jesus Christ.

There will be a gathering IMO at the start of the
Tribulation as mentioned in so many other scriptures, and we
will have these two leaders to lead us as a fulfillment to Israel, the man and David the king. The timing is quite
important as other web-sites try and figure out the month of the Covenant, the breaking of the Covenant and
the 2nd coming of the Lord. Therefore with a signing of the Covenant in Sept, the breaking will come 3 and a
half years later in the Spring, for as Jesus said he didn't want us fleeing in the winter. So obviously his time is
not then but consistent with the first day of Creation in the month of Habib., and in the spring. For the spring
is when THE BRANCHes, put forth their branches, for they definitely will have fruit of at least
144,000 in the

That's my opinion or interpretation

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