Unfortunately this is a rather SERIOUS POST, but I am convicted by the Lord or my conscience to write this, as above
all things I and we would hope you all stay safe, and go on to live another day. And unfortunately women, can be
overpowered by desperate evil men. That's the reality, and if our women are sexually active, they can be put in a situation
where they might be raped against their will.

So seeing I posted yesterday that we should not risk our lives over personal possessions, I should also write, that in some
cases it is better to get raped than 'lose your life.' This police have sometimes said, when they have given honest advise. As
an attacker may be forced to maim to rape, kill to rape, or kill to cover up his crime.

Usually you have about three options when attacked, even though the first line of defense is listen to the Lord and His
Spirit so you don't get in a situation where you are out of control by circumstances, sutrroundings, or your own lack of
mental control (alcholol..etc..)  But if attacked, you will have to decide quickly what will work.

ONE.... you can fight like HELL, which might ward them off. Or as mentioned it might further infuriate them because
you don't yield and cause them to totally subdue you via more and more violence.

TWO, you might be able to yell like Heaven and HELL, if there might be people around. But then again, maybe others
won;t want to get involved, and maybe this also will enfuriate your attacker more and more.

Or THREE, you might play dead, and just let him do the deed. Keep your senses, trick him, play with his mind, out think
him, so that he releases you afterwards unharmed. And THEN you can go to the police etc... and report him and get him.

Or maybe do a combination of all three, whatever you decide to do on the spot, in the heat of the moment. This third
option, is seldom mentioned, but I think it should be said, as a possible means of staying alive.

If your shepherd is near by, without thinking he will surely just react and smite the dam wolf, whatever the consequences,
as that is the way a true shepherd would naturally respond. But for you sheep, if separated from your shepherd or without
a shepherd, do keep your wits about you, and smite the wolf, call out to the shepherd, or let the dam wolf have his way,
until you later track down and imprison the wolf.

Just a thought, I felt I better say. As we have to realise not just the pleasures that are involved in sexual liberation, but
also be aware of some of the dangers that are lurking for those unaware of them.

Happy Safe Lovemaking in Him

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