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Anyway follow along if interested in when the START of the LAST SEVEN YEARS begins as we were always taught that it
starts with a Covenant Signing... and Yes that will be coming after this SIGN POST of October 2, 2018...when Jasmil
Khashoggi was killed, for shortly there will be more and more deaths as the events in the Middle East escalate further and
further..... for its these events that force TEN NATIONS to sign the COVENANT OF DANIEL


October 2 - Start of Last Seven Years - 9/23 - Khashoggi Death

   October 2 2018 is followed seven years afterwards by of course October 2 2025, and it is the Day of Atonement. Fulfilling
Daniel 9: 27, til the Consummation.  ((SEE
Last 7 Years Timeline with dates ))

   To know the Feast Day/Holy Day Appointments with Daniels prophetic dates, one must know the Feast/Harvest Festivals
and co-relate, co-relate ... all together. Not some but all.

  So a Brother, was right about 9/23 even though he missed it, in years and is surely discouraged now, with his video about
9/23 and 239.Do send, his email to me.. Thanks   ((SEE 9/23 Video Posting))

   9/23 is Rosh Hashannah, and the start of the Year in 2025, then there are the ten days of thunder... bringing finality on
October 2, 2025 which is the Day of Atonement or Judgment ..... for all our sins .....and its not in 2018, but seven years from
now in 2025.... Sorry, its going to be a while Brethren.. (((the Rapture is not now nor even close, we all have another seven
years before the Lord comes)))... know the times, know the dating, know the TIMER. And stop thinking the Rapture is going
to deliver you from ever serving the Lord, so you just fly away into Bliss.


Posted October 25th...25 days later after intial posting of the THREAD.... see also posting about Oct 11/12)

   OK, so what happened on October 2, looking back in hindsight so we can have some foresight and prophetic sight.
Of course Jamil Khashoggi was killed. And it has been admitted that it was premeditated, meaning planned.

Jamal Khashoggi
Jamal Ahmad Khashoggi was a Saudi Arabian journalist, author, and a former general manager and editor-in-chief of Al-Arab
News Channel. He also served as editor for the Saudi Arabian newspaper Al Watan, turning it into a platform for Saudi Arabian
progressives.More at Wikipedia
Born:Jamal Ahmad Khashoggi, Oct 13, 1958, Medina, Saudi Arabia
Died: Oct 2, 2018, Saudi Arabian Consulate, Istanbul, Turkey
Residence:United States

   Remember, the first World War was started by the assassination of one man, the Arch Duke of Ferdinand. ((The upcoming
Mid East War is not a World War even though it escalates and almost becomes one)) The Last Seven Years was supposedly
started by the Signing of the Covenant of Daniel by TEN countries, but that cant be, as
Daniel 11 shows extensive diplomatic
moves before the signing can take place.

   Similarly the Start of the
DAILY SACRIFICE as stated by Daniel, can start immediately after the long drawn out peace
process and Covenant is arranged by the Prince of the Covenant.

IE. It can take 2555 days (7 Years) minus 2300 days or 255 days since October 2, for the DAILY SACRIFICE to START

   Get a day counter window...and add up the days into 2019, and you'll find it's product is on a very significant HOLY DAY
for Jews and Christians..... perfect timing for the first and then continuous daily SACRIFICE, before the 3rd temple location.


Lets list a few of the other events that lead up to the upcoming Mid East War

US backs out of INF.. treaty, escalating tensions and new development of more nuclear weapons, previous to the Nuclear War
talked about in Revelation.. (This is not the Mid East War, but the war involving the three toes, three kings, three kingdoms of
Daniel 2,7,8.

Timing later....

Economic War against Russia and China and Iran, leads to further war and easily pushes a military confrontation.

Palestinian/Israeli War...very one sided as Palestine has no weapons but needs some sort of homeland. Solved by the

   Everything solved by the the Covenant of Daniel insured by the TEN countries.. military, economic, religious and political
agreement for PEACE (howbeit very temporary as prophecy dictates)


   Im not into videos, but most people are.. So here's the YOU TUBE Video you can watch on 9/23 September 23rd. Its rather
backwards because these Christians are using movies and cartoons as their basis for knowing something will happen, rather
than knowing prophecy and its dating scenario, events and timing.

    Nevertheless, here is just one of these video's, but at least they know the dating even if from the dark side. (Ha for the dark
side does know prophecy and what times the Lord has given them...according to HIS WILL and PERMISSION)

[link to www.youtube.com (secure)]

Posted Oct 26th 2018

   Simple Math

9/23 (September 23) add 10 days (Days of Thunder) til the Day of Atonement (Judgment Day) and it yields October 2.

Not this year, but in 2025

Therefore take away 7 years or 2555 days from 10/2/2025 and you get 10/2/2018. the start of the Last Seven Years

The timing of the Khashoggi killing.  

The Start of the Last SEVEN YEARS - October 2,2018 as described in Daniel and Revelation))

End of repostings, ((...)) remarks I added on for further explanation HERE


David   (Ha in this case QUEST, question/Answer)
October 2, 2018  -- Start of Last 7 Years ... Khashoogi Death
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