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                                                   NUMBER  11       PART 2

111 is the GATEWAY to the spiritual as we have hopefully established, for do notice how in wave convergence or harmonic
music, it combines at nodes of 11, until it reaches the next plateau of 111.

And now 111 becomes a factor for the next magnifcation of a 1000 numbers until 1111 is reached.But let's now remember back to
how the Lord created matter and naything in our physical realm. He speaks His Word and the word of what He wants created , and
it has to come into existence because he is all-powerful. All matter must be obedient to Him because He was their Creator.

Their is no other Name besides His, because His Name is all-powerful. We know it in English as as JESUS, but the Lord has other
names which He was called including JEHOVAH, ADONAI etc. But the most sacred and secretive NAME of the Lord, because of
its power, has always been the TETRAGRAMMATON. The four letter Name spelled out in consonants as YHWH or
Yah-He-Wah-He.In its alphanumeric num,ber equivalents this is 10-5-6-5, but in its form as a Trianlge or trinity, its addition adds
up to the Great NUMBER of 72. But seeing the Father has a female side in eqiality, via the Feminine Holy Spirit, His/Her Total
Number is 144.  (Consider 144,000). Yet,

His NAME is not complete though without the Son, the final member of the Trinity,who is called the Living Word, (John 1)
And the Spirit into the flesh or the Word makes the evn more complete NAME of the PENTAGRAMMATON. It being five
letters Yah-He-Shin-Wah-He or YHShWH. And the numeric wquivalent of Shin is 300. Adding 300 to 144 and we get 444. and
that is factored by 111...as 111 x 4 = 444. (For a more complete explanation SEE
Pentagrammaton and 444)...

When we mulitply 111 times 6, it equals 666. And you probably are thinking 666 is an evil number as you might know that the  
Anti-Christ will be taking that number in the addition of His Name...(SEE
Alphanumeric 666 of A.C.)  But He is and always has
been a usurper and a counterfeiter of the true Messiah. And in the End Time, he will be no different and will try to say 'he is Christ
and the Messiah' . But he will have stolen the Lord's Number of 666. Why because 111 is sacred, 444 is sacred and 666 is sacred
because among other things and reasons, it is the addition of the Magical Square of 6 x 6 where the rows and columns all add up to
111, and in total both ways add up to 666. (SEE
Magic Square of the Sun and 666)

Still don't believe in 1, or 11, or 111, then mulitply 111 by 8 and you get 888, which is  JESUS' NUMBER in Greek. His Name,
Iseous in Greek adds up via gematria to 888. Coincidence, NO but by design as shown on this '
http://www.jesus8880.com/chapters/gematria/8880%20888%20318.htm '

Therefore by the amazing exact mathematical correaltions, it is logical and rational to know that the Lord is the Creator. The
evidence is overwhelming and consistent that the Lord created matter and us, and NUMBERS according to Plan.... and that the
NUMBER 11 is magical and central.

In My Opinion

David Jay Jordan

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