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                                                                  Nudism isn't natural

I don't think we can promote nudism as normal and natural or spiritual, as it just isn't ..... because the nudism movement isn't
natural in my opinion and can hardly be called naturalism either. They deny there is any link between nakedness and sexuality, and
force particpants to repress their normal God given attractions. Normal nudity could lead to sexuality if able to take its course,
which is why so many nudists become asexual if they repress these feelings for too long. Nudism can actually wreck your sex life,
with fears, anti-sex doctrines of holiness, and even erectile dyfunctions. It isn't always good for the soul or the body physically.

Yes, you see so many naked bodies for so long that you start to accept their bodies no matter what, and maybe look for something in
their personalities that differentiates them, but as a whole in my opinion, it can lead particpants to abmormalities.

Besides this board is not about the anti-sex nudist movement at all, but about good old fashioned honest, down to earth, normal
spiritual sex with our brethren that are liberated in heart, mind and body away from worldly semi-truths and luke warm religions.
No nudist church will ever allow sexuality, just as no church will allow sexuality, and so they are one and the same.

And yet the real church is us, and the real church is the Bride of Christ that loves her Lord with all her might, mind, and soul, and
BODY And real love is manifested sexuality with real warmth and passion, not with repressions and phobias and artifical bounds
made by man-made church systems.

Would a nude church allow orgasms in their pews ? No you would have to silence your esctasy. Would you be able to touch yourself
in a nude church NO, Would a row of erections be allowed to rise in a male choir, absolutely NOT. Would you be able to reach out
and touch, all of the worshipper next to you, not in your life.

Our nudity would be entirely different than the nudist movements restricted nudity. In love feasts, sex would be allowed when done in
love and agreement. We wouldn't have children participating or even viewing. It would be only for the mature and the strong,
mentally and spiritually. Ours would not be a superficial healing but a complete healing of mind, soul and BODY. Our church
ceremonies would not be their church ceremonies...totally different. Ours esctatic and orgasmic, theirs formal. Ours like the passion
of a new loving Bride of Christ, theirs like 'Michal' and her anti-sex atitude.

Can you see the difference or better yet can you feel the difference ?