David Jay Jordan's

                         Non Aligned & Free

We are suppose to be non political and non-denominational and non-
nationalistic and non-militaristic because we don't believe (or shouldn't
believe) in guns, governments,system churches, or any political philosophy.
We are non-aligned except to the Lord. We try to live with them as much as
possible to win the Lord's sheep within, to bring'em out in heart and soul
and eventually in body. But we are not involved with the world and even if
we do some social work in feeding the poor that again shouldn't be aligned
to the extreme with a government, a military, or a church. It's better to be
independent and free, and certainly non-aligned to a big movement.

We, in essence, should be setting the captives free from associations. If they aren’t grown-up by now and
individualistic, how will they ever be individually chosen by the Lord, to join His encampment. Being in a big group,
whether worldly, political or even religious, inhibits spiritual and even mental growth so much because people don't
try out their own wings and can't go places individuals could go. They aren’t allowed to reason for
themselves..... or enter where the hierarchy of their group hasn’t entered.

And to be militarily aligned is even more insane. Why because in a real war. Where innocent men women and
children are killed, the Lord can hardly be on either side.. Both sides can be guilty of tremendous atrocities. War is
hell, and we only go to WAR after the sides have been chosen after the Tribulation has started and there is declared
war between us and the devil's forces. We don't take up arms until then, and its debatable whether or not we do
afterwards as we ‘give'em hell’ through our two prophets as they call down literal hell upon the wicked who
have all already chosen the Mark and who have already been sealed by their Master.

For again why be a war monger, I hate pain and any Christian should even though some times we have to fight for
our sheep but never for our country (IMO) It's always better to run than fight if possible or unless told to fight for
individual sheep.

In the Philippines when attacked by two knife wielding Muslims, I ran like hell, when a grenade was thrown in the
restaurant I ran like hell away from it. When I sense trouble (via the still small voice) I hope I continue to run like
hell and help others survive by running like hell away from the hell on earth. We need to fight another day for life
not war and death. We don't need a country of refuge, just the Lord as our refuge.

In my opinion according to scriptures


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