David Jay Jordan's

         A Non-Christian's
                 'Christian Sexual Advice'

Many times non-Christians can speak the truth, especially if they have an honest heart and speak from direct
experience.For in my opinion, any one that finds truths eventually comes to the Lord of all truths...Jesus. And therefore
we should sometimes be humbled by what non-Christians can sometimes write in truth and so we shouldn't judge them
even when they say they are not christian, because by some of their words and ideals and actions they can be more
Christian than us. And so surely shall eventually come to the Lord of all truth, in their time or His Time.

For again do note that it isn't length of service with the Lord that counts, but how much we love Him in the End that
matters. And it's possible that many spaced out New Agers, zealous Islamics, crusty old Jews, fiesty activists, and even
enchanting witches might someday come to the Lord and total truth. So our job is just to continue to tell them about the
Lord and continue to love them like the Lord loves them. Besides some of them have more love and fire than us, and have
every opportunity to do more than us ....Right ?

So if interested, read the following sexual advice from a self declared non-Christian. I left out her name, but have told
her I was using her words, because I thought they were classic, and very loving and truthful in so many ways. My
comments to hers are in ....(...)


"God" doesn't want you to make promises. (True this is a Bible principle, we can't absolutely promise anything
concerning tommorrow) Sex is not wrong. (Absolutely true, its the first commandment) Two consenting adults having sex
is not wrong. (Exactly) Even when money is involved... (Yes SEE
Is prostition wrong? ) although I will only say that the
exchange of money reduces the act to its most base form of pure physicality. (True) Still, that in itself is not wrong,  it
satisfies a hunger.(It's a normal God-created hunger and need) You must identify the hunger. It is more than just
wanting to get off. (Exactly, there is a spiritual element involved ... a union ... an electrical spiritual union that creates
spark) If that was truly all it was, you could do that yourself. (Exactly ! SEE
Masturbation and Good Health)

People make sex wrong, not "god". (Preach it sister) The only sin is the one against self. (Or it could be against someone
else if you are totally selfish or controling etc. etc.) If your heart tells you something is "wrong" and you do not follow
your heart then you have not been true to yourself. (Right on, the good old, if you haven't got the faith for something it is
a SIN)

Your revelation that we are all connected shown in the psychic ability has made you more aware of your actions. (Pyshic
meaning awareness and sensitivity to the spirit and spirits of others. Exactly) You can call it "god" if you wish. (Thanks I
will) If you do something that harms yourself you harm us all. (Yes that's also true, if you go downward you bring others
down around you as well. We are all connected somewhat.) If you do something to harm another, you harm yourself. (Yes,
even for your own sake, don't harm anyone. It's part of the Golden Rule) You lived in ego before and now you see things
differently. (Ego meaning selfishness. Just different wording meaning be considerate and loving by forgetting yourself
and  putting others first. It's a Christian concept she is teaching here. Did you catch it, although it is worded in New Age
language) Ego separates us from everyone, everything and the All. (Exactly, as Pride separates us from others and love
brings us together with others)

Christ is the poster child of Compassion. (Yes and more as He is Love, for God is Love) What has happened to you is that
you have finally allowed your heart to be opened. (See how she is witnessing about love and the opening of hearts )
Amazing and incredible isn't it? Beautiful. (Yes love is beautiful and amazing. Preach it .. sister in your own way !!) .....

Making promises is self defeating.  Staying true to yourself takes time to develop. (Yes, its day by day, strength for the
day and precept by precept as we are suppose to grow in wisdom and love.) Beware of expecting to get from point A to point
B over night... it is a journey after all and journeys take time. (Fight the good fight of faith until we finnish the course...)   
You can't use the whole jar of cold cream in one night and expect to wake up beautiful the next morning. Least that was
what my Mom would tell me when I was little. (A down to Earth testimony from her real life that cements the deal and
reinforces everything she said and makes it encouraging that we don't have to be expect too much too soon. Just progress
every day towards your goal) One day at a time....


Did you catch how Christian her principles were and how in tune she was, and how encouraging she was trying to be .....  
So IMO our brethren take many shapes and forms and styles as we all head towards a
Final Gathering. And the Holy
Spirit. can be teaching each of us, even from the most unlikely sources, including giving us good sexual advice from a
non-Christian Christian.

Don't you agree ?

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