David Jay Jordan's

                      No Witnessing in the Tribulation

Sorry all, the time for witnessing and winning souls is now and in the first half of the Last 7 Years of the Daniel Covenant. We
can't put off and procrastinate and think that someday we'll serve the Lord and be missionaries and do great and mighty things
for Him, when things get really tough and we are forced to make a stand... The time for witnessing is now, for our days are
numbered for during the Tribulation it will be too late. The die wil; have already been cast, and the dividing line already

For right at the beigning of the tribulation the Anti-Christ will demand that all the world take his MARK or die. This means,
they will either have had to had faith already and reject the MARK or accept it and be marked and sealed as the Anti-Christ's
forever. There is not a waiting period, where he allows people time to consider it, while Christians witness to them, blah blah
blah. No, take the MARK or die. It will be that simple, and you won;t be able to run and hide in the mountains long, even
though that is a much better choice than losing your eternal soul by accepting his damnable MARK. There will be no hold
outs or neutrals. (SEE Daniel Timeline for
Tribulation Period)

So forget the idea that Christians will be living and working in the
Anti-Christ world.....!!!  And they certainly won't be
allowed to witness in the End-Time during the Tribulation. A few might be in hiding for a few months before they are
exterminated. But there will will be a price on their head and all good citizens of the new world government will  be looking
for these terrorists in hiding.

Yet we that have  fled to the wilderness of Moab and Edom  in obediance to the Lord shall make it to the End. And still, even
then, many of us won't make it to the End, because of the war that we are fighting against the Anti-Christ. We aren't fighting
for a country just defending our
Encampment of the Lord, but the A.C. still persues us like the Pharoah of old persued Moses
and the first children of Israel. But what he doesn;t realise is that the Lord will come to our rescue and deliver us all upward.
Ha, and then we come down at the Battle of Armegdon and wipe Him and His forces out.

For remember, at the very start of the Tribulation, we the
144,000 are sealed by the Lord so that the plagues coming on the Earth
don;t effect us. ( See Revelations 7 & 8) Our fate has been sealed with the Lord and He will use his angels to seal us on our
foreheads. And it takes place at the beginning of the Tribulation, because no new people will be won during the Tribulation.
The time of our witnessing has ended right there at the opening of the seventh seal

No late comers it appears make it in, We are either sealed by the Lord in the very beginning and make it into His Encampment
or we aren't. There is no voting or indocrination period by the elders, etc etc. If the Lord seals someone, He can enter into the
Lord's sheepfold , if Not ... NO.

We don't witness people into our church in the wilderness, we don't witness on the streets of the world. Those days are over. Are
only witnesses are the
two witnesses of Revelation 11 that travel into the Jerusalem which is then described as Sodom and Egypt
by the Lord. and call down the plagues via the trumpets on Earth. Read about it in Revelations 11.

The world's inhabitants will witness  these devastations and know who has caused them and they will  witness the eventual
death of our Two witnesses at the hands of  the A.C. and F.P., and then they will witness the Lord's coming and witness our
going up to meet Him in the air....as we witness the tears in their eyes for choosing the wrong Messiah. But our worldly
witnessing is here and now and for a short time in the future, but NOT in the Tribulation...for then it is a sealed deal.

IMO from scriptures, so let's witness the
Lord's Truths NOW !!

Don't you agree ?

David Jay Jordan
Bible  2
Prophecy 3