David Jay
No Sexual Worship in the Old Testament and Why
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In the sex is worship debate, I would think there is no debate at all, because from the beginning, the very FIRST Commandment was
`Be Fruitful and Multiply.' IE .. MAKE LOVE.... As the Lord created sex not the devil and sex had absolutely nothing to do with the
original sin. (Consider
Sex was not the Original Sin )And so sex is hardly mundane at all but very, very spiritual, as obeying the
Lord's WORDS and commandments is as spiritual as anyone or anything can get. The flesh was and is not evil but divinely designed
to be beautiful and potent. And unlike the mistranslations of the New Testament, the flesh does not war against the spirit. Our pride
and stubbornness does, but mere flesh and sex is not the enemy.

Onan sinned because he didn't want to give his seed to Tamar, as he didn't want to share his inheritance with the offspring of Tamar.
So the Lord disposed of Onan not for withdrawing but for his selfishness. (See
Onan's Selfishness )And yet, I think you'll find that
Judah did not go in unto a Temple Prostitute but just Tamar dressed as a normal prostitute, at a crossways. Temple Prostitution was
done by the dark side counterfeit religions to entice men into their false God's service and tithes, by providing them with sex from these
prostitutes. But Tamar was just your normal street or field prostitute and wasn't involved in any religious practice or ritual.

The fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, UNITY, babies, even spiritual babies. Love making in the spirit brings new souls into the
kingdom. Talking about our lover, is foreplay to help other receive HIM. and yields fruit for the Lord and to the Lord...

Herein is my Father glorified that ye bear much fruit.(John 15)  Worshipping is not just going through the stand up, sit down, pray,
praise and pay your money ritual, but was meant to be from the heart and soul and meant to bring forth 'fruit' via love making. Our
worshipping is suppose to not just be a feel good ceremony where we intermingle with others in our social religious class, but a
unifying with the Lord so we bear fruit. Most churches hate the idea of going out and telling others about their lover, but it should be
natural for us, as we bring others to Him by giving them His seeds. Making them pregnant with his words, so they also bear fruit. We
make love to our Lover, so we have spiritual fruit or children.

We are the Virgin Bride of Christ in both the Old and New Testament (SEE
Bride of Christ Scriptures in O.T.) It has always been this
way. It hasn't changed through out the ages, even if they back then were not allowed to do so. And I don't think they did until after the
Lord came and gave them more freedom because they were more mature once he came and instructed them. But from Adam to Moses
until the New Testament I don't think sexual worship was done or allowed, although they were very sexy, and sexual. Mainly I think
because they were so immature and young in the Faith and so unstable, that the Lord didn't give them the liberty of sexual worship
and so they stayed with multiple wives, and multiple prostitutes. Because also back then their women were still deemed as possessions
of their husbands. So there was no way, they could have sacred sexual worship with such inequality.

This obviously was not and is NOT the Lord's ideal mature PLAN. But back then the dam evil religions were misusing this practice,
so the Lord just didn't allow our forefathers do enter into that kind of worship service. This even though the principle and precept of
Bride and Bridegroom mating is and was Eternal. But now that we are close to the END, the Lord can finally give our women
complete freedom and complete equality, and trust us men to honour them as such, and HENCE we are able to fully understand
sacred sexual worship, even in the context of the most holy of all ceremonies.... Communion. For Communion is union and union's
most sacred method is sexual UNION. This is the Mystery of the Bride and the Bridegroom Marriage, where we mate and make love
to our LOVER, JESUS. And this brings on fruit if our hearts are right. As all we want to do is tell others about our Lover, for He has
an inexhaustible supply of love to give to the whole world.

In My Opinion