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In my opinion ONLY, I think it would be valuable to say, that not all of us are created equal physically. That's a given externally, but
it also applies to our libidos as well, don't you think ?

All men are not horny all the time, some like it only twice a week, or once a month, etc etc... There is not set testerone level, but a  
continuum, to wanting sex a lot to needing sex almsot not at all. And so the same applies to women. Not all woemn are the same and
if we try to make them or force them into a libido that is not them, they shall balk at at, and it will cause trouble. They are what they
are and like what they like. This of course may change with time, and experiences, opportunities, etc... just as with men. So their
eternal libido doesn'thave to be set in stone for all time. But surely it won't change overnight.

I'm rather sexually charged a lot, but I tell you I certainly am not under the false impression, that if my hormones were varying
through out the month, that I would always be turned on. And if I could be overpowered by the opposite sex, and had a chance that
they could rape me, I certainly wouldn't be as sexually turned on all the time, but would choose my times very carefully. And if a ten
minute quickie, might get me pregnant, with a baby who never had a father, I certainly wouldn't be that quick to jump into the bushes
with any Tom, Dick and Hairy. And if a little fling, of mine got reported to the whole town, or my social group, and I was accused of
being a slut, or bitch, I would certainly think twice about living out my sexuality. So I think us guys, have to consider some of this, if
we are to understand our women. This even though, many of them can be much more sexual than us on many occassions or even
ALL THE TIME. Different strokes for different folks and different brothers and different sisters.

We are all unique, and so I think we just have to gear things to our partners and try to fulfill their needs, simply because we love
them. So if, for example, a wife, likes it only twice a month but a husband likes it 20 times a month, then a compromise should be
made. Maybe they settle for four to six times a month, where she sacrifices a bit on the supply side, and he sacrifices a bit on the
demand side. Or maybe, she allows his hand to fulfill him and pictures to fill his mind and fantasies rather than having her get so
tired. Whatever works as long as they work it out. I mean also, they could decide to allow him to have a little freedom to go with
others, under certain agreed upon conditions. Whatever they decide together. And what is good for the goose has to be good for the
gander, and vice versa. Both needs should be considered and neither side should be condemned for their libdido's. They is what they
IS. And we are what we ARE

A man convinced against His WILL
Is of the same opinion STILL

Just as ...

A woman convinced against Her Will
Is of the same opinion or libido STILL

Let's Woe and WIN and FULFILL not force and demand.
Amen and awomen !!


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