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Nipples are also 'Sexual'
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Dear Kate, (the author of a pro-nudism article concerning 'Nipples'),

I think you have been influenced a lot by nudist doctrine, rather than solid biology and spirituality in this case. Yes,  I
know the so called naturists like to think that nudism is not sexual and as their authors postulate over and over again.
They try to say, there is no connection between getting naked and sexual attraction, or sexual activity, but I would have
to differ. For in most cases we do get naked before we do make love, and the disrobing, visually and tactilly does
stimulate further the excitment and the biological rise of our hormones.

So Kate, you might look into the fact that the Lord created nipples to have a direct nueural link straight to our genitals,
whether male or female. Hence if seen, our greatest sexual organ, our brains, can easily appreciate what has been
displayed and think about its tactile feel in ones mouth, and how that experience stimulates the one kissed upon to get
aroused further. And if a well endowed 'wanted and appreciated' kiss does encompass our nipples, it sends a neural
pulse of excitment and joy straight to our genitalia to further get them ready for more, if all our signals continue
to fire in sequence.

There definitely can be a sexual arousal by the display of a woman's breast, just as there can be an arousal by the
showing of more areas, ankles, calfs, thighs etc...  Sure, in the immature Western culture where sex is basically for the
selling of materialism, they go overboard because they have been Pavlovian-like been trained to react immaturely to
these beautiful stimuluses of the Lord in less than spiritual and physical ways. And though those in the West have had
little reality training and poor morality training to give them discernment of what bounds to maintain, sure the West
considers the show of nipples immaturely. They can't handle nipples to be part of the whole beautiful package, all of
which has been created by the Lord's design

But come on Kate, get real, nipples are part of sexuality and a great part at that. Don't de-sexualize them by going to the
so called naturialist extreme of saying they are not sexual. There's truly nothing like lying betwist thy lovers breasts or
between her two twin roes as King Solomon has said. They are great comfort to mankind and womankind, and even
their useage in bringing forth the milk of life, heals the mother right after birth. So let's not desensitize what the Lord has
made sexual and sensual. And let's not go the nudist philsophy of anti-sexism which states there's no connection
between nudity and sexuality. It is not a straight 'cause and effect', but with the proper time, place and personage and
HEART, nudity can lead to sexuality...

Thank the Lord who created our bodies to be attractive and sexy to look at. SEE
Looking at a beautiful Woman The
visual was meant to get our mojo going and can be just as strong as touch, smell, hearing the words of love, and tasting
of our beloveds. And furthermore, we can see further than the other senses can venture, and hence appreciate at a
distance without crossing personal bounds. So let's not condemn the Lord's design and declare sexy nipples non-sexual.

Remember Kate, sex is not necessarily a sin. Two naked beautiful bodies are not sinful to look at, even if sex is
involved. Your article is pretty good, just don't go to the extreme and desexualize what the Lord has created to also be