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My Children Instantly Healed of Scarlet Fever
--  All at the same time !

I hate to say, "the Lord showed me
this" or "the Lord told me that". I used
to cringe when I heard that from some
Christians. I rarely get anything from the
Lord. With me it's always that still
small voice that says, Go this way or
that or be careful here or something.

Once in a great while an angel gomes
to me in a dream or when I'm in a trance
and gives me a short message. For
example, once when all of my three kids
came down with scarlet fever, she came
my wife came to me and said she
didn't have the faith to trust the
Lord and that her faith was in the
antibiotics. That disease is nothing to
play around with.

If you're not really sure if you have the
faith, you do what the doctor tells you.
But she always respected me as the
spiritual leader of the family and she
asked me what I had the faith to do and
that she would ride along on my faith. I
said lets pray about it. So we prayed
and asked the Lord what we should do.

After the prayer, I fell into a kind of a
trance or something like that and I
really saw an angel. He started
speaking to me and I just kind of
repeated what he was saying. It was
kind of like prophesying, if you could
call it that.

He said that the children would all be
instantly healed and he told me to lay
the left hand on each of them and pray.
The right hand I was to raise up in the
air and he would touch it and send the
healing power through me to the child.

I told Ruth, that's what the we were
going to do so she put her faith in me
and at a specified time I did just as the
angel instructed. When I prayed and
layed hands on each of the children I
felt a power flow through my body into
theirs and they instantly began to get

One day all three of them were so sick
and weak they didn't even want to get
out of bed. The next all they wanted to
to was run around and play. A disease
that normally takes about 3 months of
bed rest as well as antiboitics was
nearly free of symptoms in 2 days !
Praise God !!

David D

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