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Trixie, my wife got this dream from the Lord back in the late 90's....  We (Trixie and I) were off to see a lady who would confirm to
Trixie, what the third ingredient to her recipe was. (My wife is a great cook,but this recipe was different, a spiritual recipe, an Elixir,
that only this lady could confirm.

And after a few harrowing adventures, where I got squished by a passing truck and yet trixie ordered me to get up, get up, GET UP.
'We have a mission to do' and so on her third command, I got up, shook the dust off myself and followed behind her. Mind you
apparrently I got tripped off with admiring nature, the birds and bees etc. as I followed but we did make it to the Lady. (And who is
the LADY, you quessed it the
Feminine Holy Spirit) And she said to Trixie, YES the third ingredient is the milk of the coconut, fresh
and pure and clean. As together with the rice and the sugar, with these three ingredients you can make a white full cake or bread.
(Also compare Trixie's very sexual dream about the Three loaves of Bread... IE Think - Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Ghost for
they are ONE and their union is sexual .... SEE  
Silver Bullet and Dancing Bread. as well as her cooking for the Lord himself at
Lord and the Orchard )

But what was the bread for in Trixie's dream, well she knew it was needed to make an offering to the LORD. ----And my mind
flashed onto a living offering. Romans 12: 2 And when you think of it, what is placed on the Altar before the Viel in the Holy Place,
but the shew bread. And what did King David eat, when hungry but the shewbread for nourishment. Are you connecting this up
sexually ?  .... The living temple, the living sacrifice before the Lord.

And the bread is white.... remember the manna from heaven that sustained the children of Israel, for shall we not be eating of this
same manna in the End Time, irregardless of how many of us are gathered together witnessing in His Name in the
End Time..

Revelations  2:17 He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; To him that overcometh will I give to eat
of the hidden manna, and will give him a white stone, and in the stone a new name written, which no man knoweth saving he that
receiveth it.

Do you catch the signifance and importance of the bread ? And how we might get it ? Hang in there and you might, and it will either
thrill your soul and body or make you want to run away screaming !!

John 6:60 - 61  Many therefore of his disciples, when they had heard this, said, This is an hard saying; who can hear it?  When
Jesus knew in himself that his disciples murmured at it, he said unto them, Doth this offend you?

For this concept will be a hard one for many to accept.... very HARD, but we have to receive the Lord's SEEDS. And where was this
written but in the chapter concerning the Bread of Life, for we have to eat it, to LIVE. And this is what CUMmunion is all about... (
Choke gasp !!! What did Jay just say. Yes, now you are catching it !! but more later.. Do you still want to be a member of this
newsgroup.. Do you still have the courage and FAITH to go, because deep in your soul, you know there is a truth to this ? Will the
wind blow you away, or will the seed implant itself into your heart and soul so you can grow and love and help others to love ?)

So from my  research, the rice is the body of the woman, the sugar most likely her ejaculation, and secretions, while the missing
ingredient that she had but needed to be confirmed was the milk cocunut of the male seed. And with this you or we could present
back to the Lord what he had created in us, the BREAD of LIFE. Don't be shocked because the seed of faith is parallel to our literal
seeds, our semen. And semen can be good for you just like the delicious secretions of the Bride of Christ... but not just any male or
any female but ONLY those that love the Lord with all their heart and soul...for they are His Virgin Bride whether male ior female
and whether or not they are virgins physically, because their vitrginity is in the SPIRIT, because they have reserved thier FIRST

But you want more proof, well this all got started because of David H's good question to me via email, which I will try to repost
NEXT, as it might be a start for some in understanding the Three fold cord that can NOT be broken, a threesome in ETERNITY.
And it involves the perfect RATIO of beauty called the
Golden Section or PHI and how that ratio creates the perfect five sided star,
which creates the dodecahedron, which gives our DNA, our seed our semen its spiral twist. But it is two fold and NOT threefold, but
as is mentioned in esoterics, the third strand of DNA, the missing strand is surely the spiritual strand that gives us eternal life, when
we receive the ETERNAL ONE by accepting him into our gates, our passageways, into our HEARTS. But it must spiral to
completion as His seed grows in us, to full maturity. But as many as RECEIVED HIM (spiritually sexually) to THEM gave HE
POWER to BECOME the sons (and daughters) of God, even to them that believe on His Name. (John 1:12)

This third ingredient is the third strand of the DNA, that makes us spiritually strong and gives us
ETERNAL LIFE, and its based of
course on PHI, for even we are designed with this beautiful ratio into our bodies. This is why we see ourselves as beautiful because
we are because He created us, like Himself whether male or female, and we become more beautiful when completely united male into
female, totally whole and pure and spiritual.. so normal and natural ONLY because of HIM.

Do you catch His seeds and receive them ?
Missing Ingredient  -  Seeds
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