David Jay Jordan
Mindless Rthymn to the Lord
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The question is ....... to what beat do we dance and sing and love the Lord to ? Something complicated, or something simple ?

If we are to get so engrossed in the beat, the music, the rythmn that we forget ourselves and just flow with the music in seeing
HIM ? Will it be a musical masterpiece or a simple beat and a few notes ?

Do we use a repetitive verse like OH THAT MEN WOULD PRAISE THE LORD, that it soothes us so much that we can
literally see the Lord. Or do we compose words upon words of theological truths ? Do we want a song for show or a background
of repetition and almost mindlessness that will FREE our hearts to soar in rthymn to HIM ?

For in a song of lovemaking to the Lord, we are NOT asking Him for anything ...only that He comes to us and loves us. It
shouldn't be complicated or involved, but almost primal and elemental !! For what is wrong with a strong tribal BEAT, we are
the original TRIBE. We have tweklve of them all meshed together. What's wrong with a simple repetitive verse, almost a chant ?
We are calling our LOVER !!! Our Bridegroom !!!

Whats wrong with calling out His name over and over again until He does COME. Why can't we use the rythmn of Yod He Vau
He, as it means Jesus. Why can't we strip naked and sing with all our hearts unto HIM ? And why can't we use the harmonics of
YESHUA as it crests and falls in tone, for it is unto the Lord we call, and he recognises all His Names. Why can't we forget the
message for once and just CALL OUT HIS NAME, and believe He will answer and COME. Or why can't we just call out to
JESUS from the bottom of our hearts and expect Him to come.

Why can't we get in an almost hypnotic trance and yet be totally aware that we just want JESUS to be with us. Why can;t we
get so in the Spirit, that we are just thinking about HIM ? Why can't we dance as if He was there, why can't we sway with Him,
why can't we just believe He is there and just love HIM without constraint, without our minds holding us back. Why not ?

Miriam danced, David danced naked before the virgins of Israel, and Jesus danced with His disciples. So why can't we ?

If it takes wine, so be it. If it takes an intoxicant that gets us to step away from our selves, so be it. Why not ? If it takes
repetition and a strong beat, so be it. If it takes a private beach away from everything late into the night ? Why not ? can you see
it ? can you believe it ?

'I am the Lord of the dance said He..... so why can't we dance to Him as we CALL HIM.'

(Jeremiah 33: 3)

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