David Jay Jordan
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March 22, 2011

Was the Libyan War, the start of the Mid East War which will lead to the Covenant ? I would say, YES, but time will tell if it
culminates into the Iran/Lebanon/Syrian, Gazan War with Israel/America. These all being resolved by a desperate world into a
Peace Conference where ten countries or signees conclude a political, military, religious pact called the Covenant of Daniel.


My calculations say it should happen on April 22nd of this year, so things have to escalate if this be true.

Russia is now opposing the three nuclear nations of the US, Britan and France, so as expected we do have the three toes or
kingdoms that the Russian AC shall neutralise being confirmed and aligned here in the Libyan War already. This even though
their unilateral nuclear war surely occurs in the last part of 2013. Its the war against the Great Whore.

Putin breaking in opinion concerning the Libyan War with Medeved, as they surely shall be divided and replaced by the
A.C...... in a people power revolt change in their upcoming national elections.  (By Surkov ?).

So look for escalation, food price rises, fear, terrorism and for Israel to take advantage of the chaos to start a new war ...... all
leading to the counterfeit peace started by the Convenant.

Wait for the Covenant