David Jay Jordan's

May 5th's Prophetic Implications

On May 5th of this year (2002) there will be an alignment of the five planets. They start to align on  April 20th  
"but on exactly May 5, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn  will form a perfect triangle, directly above Bethlehem!  And
some have suggested that it resembles the formation of the Star of Bethlehem 2000 years ago.  In addition, 5/5 is
Easter Sunday for Orthodox Christianity including the Church of Jerusalem which is an Orthodox denomination.

So does this mean anything? Of course, it does as the Lord of Creation says He will use the planets and stars and
heavenly bodies as signs way back in His Book of Genesis, Chapter 1. SEE  
Astrology. And the Lord has always had
his special events and HOLY-days happen according to His heavenly bodies rhythms, whether lunar or solar. SEE
Holy Day Co-relations

And besides wasn't there an alignment on May 5th in 2000, as was stated in this recent news article,

"A similar grouping of the same five planets, plus the moon, occurred on May 5,  2000, accompanied by dire
predictions of extraordinary tides and other cataclysms. Earth survived. However, that cluster occurred on the
opposite side of the Sun from Earth, and the Sun's light was so bright the planets could not  be seen from Earth.
This time, most humans should have a good view, Chester said. What they should be able to see will be Mercury,
Venus, Mars and Saturn all grouped within the span of 10 degrees of the sky, or about the width of a fist held at
arm's length. Jupiter will be a bit higher in the sky, about three fist-widths away,"

So what are the odds of these alignments happening on exactly the same date of May 5th Astronomical. Right?
Right !  And furthermore as mentioned above it actually happens on a HOLY day of Orthodox Christianity. But
why do they celebrate this date?

Well the answer might come from
Watcher.com as there they have stated that the 1st and 2nd Temples both started
their open air sacrifices outside in the Temple courtyard on May 5th. For again, the rhythms and patterns of the
Lord and the Earth have always had to be followed, and so would not the future opening of the future 3rd Jewish
temple not also start on May 5th. Well logic says Yes, and seeing they will build this Temple (as soon as a Mid-East
Political Religious Covenant is signed as has been spoken extensively about by the prophet Daniel   SEE
Daniel 9 )
why wouldn't they again, start their sacrificing on May 5th.

But when will they sign this Covenant? Well it will take a while to get the Mid-East violence to encompass the
whole world with Illuminati orchestrations, so if it starts in the fall then according to the
Timeline of Daniel,   
........  then the Sacrifing could start in May 5th sometime or maybe Sept 3rd or 4th as suggested. (SEE
Date and
Holy Day Corelation with Daniel)

Sure nothing special may seem to happen this May 5th, except a cool astronomical sight in the sky, but does it not
pertent of something much greater happenning in the Spirit.. And surely this same date could be very significant
the year after ......  if the Covenant is signed in the Fall

Besides whenever stars align it is a magnification of power because stars themselves are PHI designed which means
they incorporate magnification power. SEE
Phi Graphics And so when five combine together, wouldn't that increase
their power, and when three of them align in a triangle in the shape of the trinity,  could that Not also symbolize
the power of the Father,Son and Holy Ghost

And didn't Joy have a dream concerning such an alignment of three stars, that gave visions. SEE
The Crystal  and
Three Star Alignment Dream, So if planet alignment really does have meaning and it does, should we not pay
more attention to the signs in the sky. And should we not therefore study His prophetic words even more than
before so that the coming Tribulation on Earth does not take us as a thief in the night.

I think so, what do you think ?

David Jay Jordan

JESUS and Dreams and Visions
PS) There is a variance here concerning the date May 7th, but it sees we are in the zone, and pretty close, we shall
see, because foresight is prophetic, hindsight is not.
PPS) Thanks to Menas the Greek, for the added information. GBY !
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