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Making Love in our Minds
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One of Trixie's email respondants who is sooooo in tune wrote the following, ...... that because they had already made love
in their minds, seduced each other with words of love and endearment, that when they meet they will naturally fall into
each other arms, and making love in the flesh will CUM so easily.

How true his words are ..... for they know each other through their words and in the spirit, so that even he has had dreams
about her that has lead his spirit to make love to Trixie so that his flesh had to follow.

So brethren, do consider this and the DEPTH of this concept and principle of the Lord and of the SPIRIT, we can make
love to each other in the spirit through words, and make love in our minds.

We think about each other, we long for completion in being together, and becoming ONE. (In our case, not just two
becoming one but THREE becoming ONE)

For is this not what we will be doing when the Lord CUMS. We have thought about Him, we have longed for Him, we have
talked with Him, we have listened to Him and Him to us. We have exchanged endearments and promises and hopes and
dreams. So that when our bridegroom, and our Lover appears in the flesh, we will automatically and naturally
just run to Him, hug Him, Kiss Him, and LOVE HIM, for we have been with Him since the BEGINNING.

We won't have handshakes and a warm-up period and introductions, for we shall already KNOW HIM.

For the Lord shant say to us, 'depart from me, for I never KNEW you', but shall hopefully say to us, 'NEVER DEPART
FROM ME, for I KNOW YOU, and you KNOW ME'.

Keep writing to Him, brethren, keep listening to Him, KNOW HIM and LOVE HIM with your minds and spirits, for
someday soon, we shall KNOW HIM in the flesh in ALL HIS MANLY POWER.