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Machete Battle with The Fat Woman
Let me to tell you about how I got rescued by these angels.  It was a dream, but it seemed more like real life than just a dream. I
remember it so vividly. Here it is.   We, meaning my husband and our children were fleeing away form those that were trying to
harm us. From the beginning I don't know why they were trying to get us. But  their pursuit was so intense and for so long that
we all were getting tired, at least I was. It was like we were at the very end of our endurance. My husband was getting tired
because he was also carrying our little child. I didn’t think we could go on anymore. I was praying for a place to hide any
place, and then
from nowhere there appeared this old barn. So I told my husband that we have to hide there and we run as fast as we can. Just
before we reached the old barn, I looked back to see if we lost those who were chasing us, but no, they were still pursuing us.
They were so ferocious, and in their hands they were carrying machetes. I can see that they were very sharp from their glint. I
said to myself, ‘How in this world, that we escape from these five big fat women ?’  They were still running, trying to catch
us and get us.

I saw my husband ahead of me; he is running and trying to get into the barn. I don't think he ever looked back. He didn’t
know that I stopped and was looking back to see our pursuers. He just keeps on running. I thought ’That’s good for at
least he can reach the barn and we will all be safe.’ In there I was thinking, we could fight and defend ourselves from these
women, I don't really have any idea how, so I keep on thinking of ways to defend ourselves at the same time running to catch up
with my husband and the kids. But just before we reached the barn, there I saw a girl standing just outside the door of the old

When we got closer, she beckoned us to get in and so we did. Yet when inside, we could see that the barn had so many holes in it.
Some of them, were so huge that anyone can just get through them. And really the whole place is so run down that it looked like it
could collapse on us at any time. ‘But who cares.� I thought, “We must get in and maybe we will be able to hide inside.

Yet as soon as we are in, I told my husband to hide right beside the old truck, for there was this really old model truck. I thought
at least in there they should be able to hide themselves. In the meantime, I was barricading the door. The girl who let us in was
gone. I can't find her anywhere. I thought she must have hid herself. I was worried about her … as well. But I can't go looking
for her now. I must try to find something to use if this five fat women ever come to try to kill us.

Looking down I see a machete lying on the floor. So I pick it up and try swinging it to see if I can handle it.  And YES, it fits just
right in my hand and it's not too long and very sharp too. I hear the banging on the door and I was praying, ‘Lord please,
make them go away.’ But the banging won't stop and they won’t leave. These fat women wouldn’t go away, I thought
I’ll have to fight them, and defend our selves. This even though I have no inkling of what to do. So I braced my self-ready to
fight and save my family. Then, the whole wall gives way. Just to the left side, I only saw one woman who came through the
collapsed wall. She was in, and right away she saw me and started attacking me, I had no choice but to fight. We battled it out
with machetes.

But it was if I knew how to wield one. I was able to deflect her blows and I keep repeatedly doing so. I don't know for how long
we fought but soon I saw her lying on the ground bleeding and not moving. I know I killed her. I saw her throat is open and I
was horrified for what I had done. I was crying and uncontrollably can't stop myself. I said, ‘I'm in trouble now for sure, I
killed this fat woman,’ But I didn’t mean to but then again, I did, And there was four more, and how was I suppose to
defend my family from all of them.

I was praying, “Oh Lord please help us. I can’t do this, I just killed a person.’ I don't how long I was crying, asking
the Lord for forgiveness and trying to think that I would do to keep us all safe. Then the barn door opened, and a girl appeared,
standing, with a machete in her hand, with blood all over it. I wondered who she killed. I asked myself, ‘Why she looked as if
nothing happened and looked so calm, when her machete had so much blood on it.’ The machete was actually dripping
blood. She is holding her sword high. I thought she was going to kill me too but I didn’t care. All that I really cared about
was telling her how I killed this fat woman who was trying to kill us.

I said, ‘I had no choice but to kill her. She was coming after us. She got in and attacked me, so I killed her.’ But the girl
told me. ‘Don’t worry as I have just killed the other four of them outside.’ I didn’t quite understand what she
meant, then it came to me. She had engaged the five women that were chasing us outside and killed four of them and yet one had
gotten through to attack  me. But she somehow knew that I would defeat this fat woman. This girl warrior seemed so confident
that I would protect my family and defeat this other woman. She then told me, ‘From now on, you and your husband must
STAY TOGETHER’ and she was gone. And the dream ended.  I know it sounds so gruesome but, I d think that in our needy
time of protection, there will always be an angel send by the Lord to protect us, even if she is a girl holding a machete.  And so we
must pray, fight, stick together and defend the Lord's sheep.

Love Trixie

A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand;
but it shall not come nigh thee Only with thine eyes shalt thou behold
and see the reward of the wicked. There shall no evil befall thee,
neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling. For he shall give his
ANGELS charge  over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways. Palms 91 7-10

The good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep. But he that is an hireling, and not the shepherd,
whose own the sheep are not, seeth the wolf coming, and leaveth the sheep, and fleeth:
and the wolf catcheth them, and scattereth the sheep. The hireling fleeth, because he is an hireling
and careth not for the sheep. (John 10: 11-13)
Angels shall fight for you

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