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Love Linked 'Extra Sensory Perception'
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The way we are going to have to communicate with each other in the very End is thru the Spirit, as no government 'electronic tap'
of the ungodly shall be able to stop our prayer communications to unite together. And we have to learn to hear His voice clearer
and clearer all the time. This so we can even be directed to safe locations, in gathering for portection...

Isaiah 30:21
And thine ears shall hear a word behind thee, saying,
This is the way, walk ye in it, when ye turn to the right hand,
and when ye turn to the left.

Joel 2:28 And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out
my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall
prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall
see visions:

For I am talking literally not figuratively. And yet in the here and now, I personally am not that in tune or sensitive enough in the
Spirit to be able to sense when my loved ones are in need of prayer or are in trouble or exactly where to go. Sometimes I am just
too much into my mind rather than into intuitive feelings and the Spirit. And yet my wife, who has a great mind and an even better
memory, can sense when one of our loved ones is in trouble. She will say, 'Did you feel that tremor.' And I will say 'NO, darling
what tremor?' She repeated 'I felt something, something is wrong' and then goes and prays.

As even the other day, she came home after work and said, `Did something happen at 11:30 this morning when you Here at the
house,' I said `No Darling nothing happened. All of us here are fine.' So she said, Then our daughter in Vancouver must be having
trouble. I sensed it and stopped work and prayed for you all and then her.' And sure enough when we phoned our daughter later
that evening, our daughter had had serious pregnancy pains at that very time, and was praying and asking `mama' for help in her
spirit, to pray for her.

And even last night, again admitted to Trixie on the phone, that when she prays to the Lord, she asks the Lord to get `mama' to
pray for her. And it works and has worked, they have a love connection in the Spirit to each other. So when one is hurting the
other senses it and prays for the other. It's just like me and Trixie always seeming to get corresponding aillments, its not so nice in
this case. But when my back hurts, it seems her back also gets to hurting, out of sympathy. We become so ONE, that we feel and
sense one another. Our afflictions and maybe even take them from one another as was the case in the `Green Mile'. Is this possible
? I think Yes. It rings true if we have real love for others. For even Jesus, our GREAT HEALER, said 'He borne our sins and
afflictions, and by his stripes we are healed.'

The more love we have, the more UNITY we get, ....and the more we will literally be connected to each other. Years ago, Trixie
sensed exactly to the day when her mother in the Philippines took a turn for the worse, health wise. And we found this out being
confirmed about a week later through a long distance call from there.  And so if you don't believe in extra sensory perception, Sorry
it can be true if we are sensitive enough in the

For even yours truly experienced this once in my life, irregardless of how few times my spiritual antenna seems to be up. I was
coming back from passing out literature at the World's Fair in Spokane Washington, years ago. When as I was passing through a
wooded field towards our home, I got hit with this amazing need to pray for this sister. She had went to the hospital the day
before, as she was pregnant and her water bag had broken. But I really wasn't that close to her, and yet here was this absolute
NEED put on my heart to pray for her and her baby. But I tried to put it off and say, Ohhh go home and pray for her there. But I
couldn't move. I couldn't go another step. I had to stop in amongst the trees and really pray for her and her safe delivery. So I was
almost forced into obeying and yet prayed sincerely for her. I finished and then sort of said 'WHEW, that was strange'… and
looked at my watch. It was 3:45.

Yet no one back at our communal house heard anything until the next day when our sister and husband came back with their new
born in their arms. She was beautiful baby and so when talking to the sister found out she had a really had a troubled delivery and
had called out to the Lord for HELP. She was in great pain and the baby was in danger. I asked what time was this ?' And she said
`3:45 because the baby was born just a few minutes later at 3:48'. I gasped and told her about my prayer for her at exactly 3:45,
and we were both amazed by the Lord's Spirit telling me to pray for her and with her at exactly the same time.

So it seems that even sometimes us, guys, can get in the Spirit and sense the Spirit as well. All we have to do is tune IN… This
meaning that ANY of us can have extra sensory spiritual perception. REAL E.S.P. And this spiritual power and ability to
communicate with the Lord and with each other will be our telephone, cell phone, e-mail  and IM.

And its only made possible if we have a real grounded link of LOVE to the Lord and to others. And surely it is thisconnecting
'LOVE' that will surely literally connect us up and
GATHER us together in the Last Days.

So if the Lord's Voice puts someone on your mind and heart to pray for, do obey that voice, your feelings and intuition and pray.
For in the future it will become more and more important for our very survival.

In Our Opinion

David and Trixie