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                                     The Lord’s Communion of the Holy Grail

For even though these truths will be too strong for the weak and the uninitiated and the unstudied, still they remain, for ‘unto
the pure all things are pure’.  Still the Lord’s Communion is and will always be the most sacred and empowering event
for Union with the Supreme that could ever take place. And its for this reason, that the Lord himself, instructed his disciples to
do it, whenever they gathered together in His name to be ONE, and brethren its physical and not just spiritual.

For again it has to be said, that through the physical we can reach the spiritual and be One with our Lord if our heart is right. This
has been known by numerous groups down through the milleniums, but done almost always in secret for obvious reasons. But
unfortunately stolen and practiced by the dark side as well, for their empowerment from their spiritual forces, which are NOT
aligned with the Lord and not used for His glory and not used to help the Lord’s people.  Still this does not or should not
stop us, on the right side and the light side from empowering ourselves with the Lord’s POWER as His Bride.

So let’s take a look at other disciplines and some of the truths they know about. For if you study Tantra, the Indian Left-
hand path. “In religious rituals the male would take on the identity of the Hindu God Shiva, and the female would play the
role of the Hindu Goddess Shakti. In the act of sex they would combine the duality of male/female, dark/light, positive/negative
represented by their coitus and achieve the trance of Oneness where all opposites are melded into a unity.: the unity of the
Cosmos. This ritual awakens the fire-snake or the Kundalini that is believed to lie dormant at the base of the spine.� (This
happens because we are ‘phi’ designed by the Lord… See
Made in His Image and the Golden Section Class and Sex is
Divine. ) “The Kundalini is the primordial power that lies behind all phenomenon.

“This is the basis for sexual magick.  And it seems to be much more than just utilizing the sex energy to reach higher states of
consciousness, as there is an elixir, from this process that is said to grant the magician extra-ordinary powers, when taken as a

 So where did they obtain this information?  â€¦â€¦ "Let the Adept be armed with his Magick Rood and provided with his
Mystic Rose. ….. And later in the same chapter it is written: "Let him drink of the Sacrament and let him communicate the
same." For this is the most esoteric secret of Western Ceremonial Magick!  " The entire symbolism not only of Freemasonry but
of many other traditions, for the theory behind that school of Alchemy which uses these fluids and the Elixir of Life. He enlarged
upon the Baphomet tradition of the Knights Templar and traced its alleged survival through the Hermetic Brotherhood of Light a
nineteenth century esoteric society. He then showed the connection with those Tantrics who follow the  left hand path utilizing
ritual sexual intercourse as a means of spiritual union  with the godhead.

 The secrets had been handed down from various organizations the most notable being the Knights Templar. ………. The
Templars had been accused of all sorts of blasphemous things. the Knights Templar." The one Order which was supposed to
protect the Roman Church and its followers, an order that represented themselves as Knights of Christ, were, according to the
***, practicing sex magick!

This uniting of opposites; above and below, waxing and waning  Moon symbols, and the female breasts combined with the male
generative organs, that this symbol represents all the secrets of the western esoteric tradition, specifically: sacred sexuality.

Apparently, after the Templars had been disbanded in 1307, various members (those who had not been executed) had carried on
the Templar traditions and had passed on the secrets. They formed other esoteric societies and kept the secret doctrine alive.
This secret doctrine passed into the hands of those later to be known as the Rosicrucians, the Freemasons and finally the O.T.O.
But how had the  Templars obtained this information? From what source had these rites been  handed over to them? According
to many sources the Knights Templar were  carrying on the tradition of the one and only Jesus Christ!

Christ and the True Secret Doctrine.

 â€œAccording to the latest research being conducted by certain New Testament  scholars, Jesus Christ and his consort Mary
Magdalene had been practicing  sex magick, or sacred sexuality rituals.. It is well known in most occult circles  that the archetype
of Jesus Christ - the dead and risen God - is the same  archetype as Osiris from Egypt. What is left out of the Bible is that Christ
needed a female consort to complete the myth. Osiris had his Isis, Shiva had his Shakti, and Christ had his Magdalene.�

  â€œIn the myth of Osiris, the God is cut to pieces by Set. Yet, Isis manages to  scrape up all of his parts and glue them back
together, except for his penis,  which in some versions of the story has been eaten by a fish. Nevertheless,  magickally, Isis is able
to impregnate herself with this emasculated corpse, and  gives birth to their son, the "Crowned and Conquering Child" Horus,
who  eventually avenges his fathers death. The key to this birth or rebirth is sex! It is  believed that in Egypt sex had been used as
a sacrament and a religious rite  for centuries.â€�

"Some of the most sacred ancient Egyptian rites were sexual -for example, a daily religious observance on the part of the Pharaoh
and his consort that involved him being masturbated by her. This was a symbolic re-enactment of the god Ptah's creation of the
universe, which he effected by similar means. Religious imagery in palaces and temples unequivocally depicted this act…"

“According to Epiphanius, the Gnostics had a book called the 'Great Questions of Mary', which purported to be the inner
secrets of the Jesus movement and which took the form of 'obscene' ceremonies."

“But many knew the real Law of Christ. The Templars knew, the Masons knew and the Rosicrucians knew. The way to true
enlightenment was also the way to life  Sex is the basis of all things. The uniting of opposites is the secret of the worldâ€�

And so, although the dark side have taken these principles of the Lord and have been using them for their own perfidious
purposes for centuries now, it still remains true that sex is the primordial force that sustains the world and unites the world and
is a key to the empowerment of John 1:12. For as many as believed on Him, (Believe meaning drink in) to them gave he the
POWER to become the ‘sons of God’.

And this is what Communion is all about, uniting with our Common Creator, and who is he? …..   the Messiah, the living Word,
called Yeshua or JESUS. He is our Lord and our God and we can connect up with Him in His Communion of hearts and bodies if
we truly love Him.

In His Service

Jay (David)

PS) I have intentionally left out a few references and names and book titles, but do just ask and I shall forward them to you..
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