I had this same dream twice. In the second one I was standing at exactly the same place where the first one ended.

I found myself in the midst of all this destruction. The buildings were in rubble, every structure was down, fires had
blackened beams, with charred embers still alive. I was standing there, and as far as I could see there was total destruction as
if there was no one left on Earth. Nobody was around, everyone was gone. So I started looking, hoping to find some kind of
life. I walked around, looking under the rubble and beams, seeing if anyone was there. Any movement, or any sounds, but I
found and heard nothing.

Until I felt someone tug my hand, I kind of ignored it for a while, But someone keep tugging down on my hand, and so I
looked down. And there he was a little boy about nine or ten years old. He was like asking me to follow him, yet with motions
rather than words.

I was so happy someone else was alive. He held my hand and guided me as I followed along. He didn't say anything I just
followed as we went underneath some rubble and over collapsed buildings. I was listening to see if I heard any more life, but
it was just us two. And so we just kept walking as he was still holding my hand. We tried not to step on the coals, that were still
burning. Eventually we reached a small door in a wall outside a building. As he stopped, I asked the little boy `WHY'. But
still he said, nothing.

But here was a building still standing. Old and decrepit, like an ancient building, that seemed unaffected by the destruction
that had brought down the others. He lead me thru the small doorway. As I bent down to get in. Inside there was a courtyard,
but still nobody around. Still he kept pulling my hand, and so we went further, this time inside the building. For when
inside, I could see there was these rooms to the right and to the left. He choose the first door to the right, opened it and we
entered. But there still seemed to be nothing in there. I said, `NOW WHAT'

And so he left me all alone, just inside the door not knowing what I was to do next, as again there was so many rooms. All of
a sudden, a guy came towards me, in about his early thirties, not too tall, medium build. He came toward me and beckoned me
to follow him. He had looked me up and down, and didn't say anything.

He just motioned with his hands and I followed. We went into one of the rooms, and there was a four or five guys in their late
teens or early twenties. I felt like he must be the teacher of these students. He told me, I should teach them. `TEACH, WHAT
DO I KNOW ABOUT TEACHING'. I thought to myself, why am I here, I'm not a teacher. Yet the teacher wanted me, to
teach these guys.

Him and I went inside the door talking about this. Eventually he invited me to sit down on one of these dorm style beds. We
continued talking, and the more we talked, all I could say to him, about teaching was just listen. Listen to what they are
saying. Talk to them individually and listen. And he listened to what I was saying and I listened to what he responded.

Its funny though, the longer we talked, the closer we got to each other. We were side by side, touching, then holding hands, as
we got so intimate. We became friends, and no longer different but one. And as we were talking these young students started to
creep closer and closer to us, trying to hear what we were talking about. Closer and closer, so that were right with us, listening.

I could feel them, and the more they listened, the freer they seemed to get. It was like I could sense layers of skin coming off
them. They were shedding the old and becoming new. I could feel it coming out from their bodies. Or as if they were shedding
their outer clothing. And eventually, they became `different'. Instead of being bound and captive and depressed, they were
happy and inspired.

Their spirits had been freed, and we really hadn't taught them anything, just talked together and listened to each other. Yet
now, one of the students knelt down and started composing music. He then started singing what he composed. The music was
so beautiful, touching, real. We could feel it. We all started swaying with the beat, even the Teacher, as well as me.

Their was no difference between any of us anymore. Not teacher ansd students, all of us just being the same. The teacher and I
were like them, no difference. Beautiful melody, rhythm and the way he sang it, such talent. We were all swaying to the
music, and then the guy next to me, me out. The others now, were also had showing skills and talents that were latent inside
them. Now, using them as if they were their natural skills that had been bound inside them.They were new people, they
became themselves who they really are, and showing the skills and talents the Lord had given them. He had been their teacher
and they were all so HAPPY. All sitting down, holding hands, and so intimate, like me and the teacher had become. We were
One together.

Then all of sudden, it came to me, this is dangerous for these guys, if we stay any longer. So I stood up and looked for an exit.
But there had to be a door, as we came in through one. I was looking for a way out, or they will be in such trouble just like

I was so hoping that little boy would come back to help show us the way out. For it seemed it was now my responsibility to get
them out of there. But where were we going to go ? This was the only building standing up.

I woke up, the DREAM ENDED ….



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