We ALL have to get away from the 'lie' that liberation is easy, or that even sexual liberation is easy. It isn't, it takes a lot of
hard work, effort, prayer, and humility. And no one gets that over night or from a visit from a spiritual minister overnight. It
doesn;t come with a flash of brilliance from above nor a dream during the night.

As King David said, 'I will not give unto the Lord that which has cost me nothing.' (I Chronicles 12: 21, 25) He was offered
free, the land on which the temple was to be built, but he said NO THANKS, it has to cost me something to be worth something.
And that is the same with us, that which costs us nothing will be worth nothing and is worth nothing. It doesn't cost us in
dollars and cents, but in sweat, tears, hard work, lots of honesty, prayer, courage and guts.

Faith is NOT something that just pops into your heart and you evade the hard work of understanding and experiencing what it
means to solidify it into your mind and soul. Faith comes from HEARING and studying the Lord's truths, praying about them,
AND then living them out by FAITH so you KNOW them. Faith knows because it has experienced the hard path to KNOWING.
Jesus never said it would be easy on our pride, for it is only easy when we drop our pretenses and false
doctrines, and false PRIDE and just follow him through hell and high water.

It is not for the weak, but for the strong. It is not for the majority, but for the minority that will seek to find it, and suffer any
cost to receive the blessing. Jacob was not blessed until he wrestled for the promise, and only then did he become spiritual
ISRAEL. He had to fight and wrestle and struggle to succeed, it doesn't come from magic potions, or magic visitors, or from
church ministers arriving at your front door to liberate your wife or yourself.

You can not evade the responsibility of SEEKING to FIND. Jesus said so, and that is a spiritual law that has never been
circumvented. We only get what we deserve, and if we put no effort into reaching for liberation, understanding liberation, and
are not willing to pay the price for liberation, then we will NOT get liberation. And it won't be the Lord's fault
but our own.

Don't you agree ?

And if you do, then start studying to find liberation, and why not help your brethren find the liberation and freedom as well. For
only in giving shall you receive, and you can NOT give what you haven't received. And it will cost you !!!
Liberation isn't easy .....
David Jay Jordan's
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