David Jay Jordan's

         King David's Adultery
                            and Multiple Partners

If you want to see scriptures about adultery and when it
is absolutely wrong consider King David's intimidation and
rape of Bahseba, the wife of Uriah the Hitite. For the Lord
said He had given David everything, his house and all his
wives and would have given him more lambs, and all David
had to do was ask  (2 Samuel 12 ). But NO David stole
another man's wife and had a son by the illicit affair. And
to make matters worse, David then had Uriah, the husband
killed in battle. Sin upon sin, so that the Lord took the
child of Bathseba and David.

So that was true adultery which was punished by the Lord, for it was only after King David wept and cried out to the Lord
for forgiveness, that the Lord gave them another child. His Name was Solomon, and he was to be blessed, to carry on the
lineage and to build the house of the Lord. For surely, this was why Solomon was chosen rather than his elder brothers
from David's other wives because of David's great repentance. For only then did David become 'a man after the Lord's own
heart'. A great sinner, but an even greater repenter.

And therefore,  if there is anything we should learn from scriptures, its that we are not to steal, and not to steal another
man's only lamb, nor a woman's only husband. Multiple partners may be acceptable but stealing someone else's is NOT.
In My Opinion, David Jay Jordan.  What do you think ?

To which Inkaboutit, wrote the following response and confirmation .......


The Church is always talking about David's adultery with Bahseba, but never talks about God solution in 2 Samuel 12:8
where God told David that instead of stealing another man wife away from him and killing him, that he should have
prayed to God and ask for as many women as he wanted and God would have given him as many women as he wanted, as
long has he did not steal and betray another man by stealing his wife. This show clearly that God is not hung up with how
many women you have as long as you are not stealing other men wives from them. We need to apply the law of love.

Also like you have already stated, that in both the OT and NT they would use their sexual to worship a sex, fertility deity,
"god" and that was fornication and evil. Sex is not evil. But praising some other man made deity god for creating sex and
worshipping so that god would give you good farm crops is what is evil (that is adultery against God). In the Bible adultery
against God was worshipping another deity other then Him. Sex had nothing to do with it at all. Betrayal is what adultery
is about not sex.

Even Abraham gave his wife, Sarah, up to have sex with another kings 2 different times that was not sin, But God stepped
in and used it to help Abraham gain more wealth. Abraham sold his wife to these kings. What was bad about it was it was
permanent sale. God stepped in to reverse the permanent sale part of it and Abraham got to keep the things and got his
wife back on top of it. 2 different times this same thing happen. Both times God blessed them for it. I looked up every
Bible verse with fornication in it and 90+% had idol worship right in the same verse. Direct connection to using sexuality
to worshipping the man made deity god. I put the verses on my web site.

Also compare Numbers 25:1, 9 to 1 cor 10:8 where God killed 23,000+ people for worshipping another deity, giving that
deity credit for creating sexuality. This makes God very angry. God does not kill people over having sex, but over what
evil thing they add to it. Sex is not evil, but if a person adds evil to it , it can become evil. (The New Living Translation ) 2
Samuel 12:8 I (God) gave you his (Saul's) house and his wives and the kingdoms of Israel and Judah. And if that had not
been enough, I would have given you much, much more.

What is the definition of fornication?
Adultery? What are the different Bible definitions? Pro--Con of adultery.
Survey Christians-- what % have had an affair? What % had sex before
marriage? Adultery, What is it in the Bible? It is not what we teach today?
For more check

Solomon's problem was he supported his wives and concubine in helping them  worship their gods. He wanted to make
them happy. Instead he should have told them that there is only one God and He alone is who we will worship. Sex was
not the sin. But the sex must have been so good that he wanted to make his women happy also, so he gave in to the women
and forssok his God..

Thanks Inkabout it, and I have thought about it, and agree with you, and pray others think about it as well.

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