King Arthur was a real King and Camelot did exist. So if you are interested in the continumm of the Lord's HIs-story do consider
studying waht happenned to King Arthur, Qwenivere and Lancelot, for it truly must have been one fo the greatest lessons on a
'threesome' that
ever existed.

But first start by understanding that King David of Old was promised an hier to his throne, who would rule in the latter Days.
This being the same hier to the leadership, that Moses prophesied would lead the EndTime People of the Lord.

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Hence there has to be a contimuum from David, and Solomon through from mary and Joseph til the Latter Days. And seeing, it
was said that jesus traveled with Joseph of Armiathia to England before he took up His 3 1/2 year ministry, where else would
you expect the lineage to go. Because it was here in Glastonbury that the first church in Europe was built. It being suggested from
history that Mary Magdalene and Joseph of Armithia fled there when persecution arose in Jerusalem.

For centuries later, it was from HERE at Glastonbury that was situated exactly where the Lord foreknew it must be, that King
Arthur arose from the lineage. And what qualities and principles did he try to establish but the age old ones of Justice and
Equality for ALL.
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Then study the geography

As London, Avebury and Glastonbury all lie on the Golden Section Latitude !!!! This being not by chance but by design, as not
only personalities and scenarios have been designed but the Land itself has been designed for its purposes. And the land is part of
the Creation and as can be understood in Celtic/Christian lore, for the land and the king have to be ONE. (Remember this principle
because we shall be referring to this union in further POSTS.) There are different accounts of King Arthur, Qwenivere and
Lancelot, but via the Lord's SPIRIT you can discern which is true. For they did exist, and they were real people, and the Lord's
lineage went through them.

But wait, there threesome had trouble from the start. Merlin had told Arthur that Qwenivere was not the wife, Arthur would be
given and yet Arthur went ahead and took her as his wife. Arthur knew of the love, her and Lancelot had, and yet it never really
worked out, despite the love they possessed for each other.

King Arthur had been tricked earlier by his bad seed sister Morgan into making love and that one time union produced more bad
seed who was called Mordread. This incest and the quilt resulting seeming to cause erectile dysfunction to Arthur from then on.
And Arthur and Qwenivere did NOT produce the fruit, that Arthur was capable of producing. For not only had he produced
Mordread from his loins but also a daughter from Nimway, a queen of the other world. A beautiful mortal girl who was very
spiritual and who had links to the other GOOD world of the Lord. She saw in the spirit and knew the LAW OF THE LAND. She
knew she was not to possess and control Arthur as Qwenivere wanted to, and knew she was to obey the LAW OF THE SPIRIT
and unselfishness and love to stay in her destiny. (SEE The Law of the Land versus the Law of the CHURCH).

For the law of the SPIRIT is and was to put the Creator first. The Lord of Lords not some earthly Lord was and is who we are to
put FIRST and foremost. And so because of Nimway's faith like her ancestors before her like, Sarah, Ruth, Mary and Mary
Magdalene caused the Lord to favour her with an offspring and FRUIT via her daughter.

For this was the lineage of King Arthur, the only true child he would have of FAITH. Morgan's incestuous trick son was of bad
seed and always was accussatory and demanding the LAW OF THE CHURCH and the LAW OF MAN. But Nimway daughter
via Arthur was of the GOOD SEED, even though she did not desire or want the Kingdom and its worldly power. Nimway
preferring the peace and harmony of the Lord's kingdom in NATURE.

For the marriage that produced fruit is what wed the land to the people and made all fruitful. This was not a pagn concept, but
has always been the Lord's PRINCIPLE. The King's love affairs determined the fruitfulness of the land. When King David
violated the Law of the Lord and of the Land, he was punished severely as well as the people and the land of Israel.

But when he obeyed the law in humility, he was given as many unattached ewe lambs as he desired. These given to him by the
Lord Himself. For the lineage must go on, to make the land fruitful in their time til our ENDTIME. For us withiout them would
have no link, but there is a link and design and contimuum in HIS-story. We have a destiny and the lineage had a destiny as the
Lord choose who to bless and carry through with His LINEAGE.

Arthur and Qwenivere had no children. Qwenivere was baren and only got pregnant via Lancelot (Compare Saul's daughter
Michael married to King David, for she also became barren because of her bad unbelieveing heart. Again be aware of the absolutel
truth, that fruitfulnes and barrenness of the womb can be blessing or a deserved curse from the Lord) And NO, Qwenivere did not
carry the baby til birth but lost it, and so she and Lancelot also had no lineage line of their love. They and Arthur all made many
mistakes in their efforts to become ONE. Their threesome could have been a great example to the whole kingdom and a blessing to
the land if they had chosen the LAW OF THE LORD and of the LAND rather than choosing the fear of man, and letting their
own selfishness and egos control them.

They were not completely honest with each other, and they motivations were not completely unselfish, and their threesome
failed and caused no end of trouble, and even made the kingdom 'unfruitful'. (SEE Fisher King - Percival and the End Time). So do
consider studying this true history and discern for yourself what happenned and more importantly WHY. Do try and piece
together the continumm of the Lord's HIS-story so you can see the Plan NOW and in the Future. See the design so you can
choose within the design and WILL of the Lord. Understand the Law of Man and the Law of the church, so you can reject it, and
choose the Law of LOVE and LIBERTY and EQUALITY.

Read Brethren and listen to the Lord, and the small still voice of His LADY, the Holy Ghost. Read about King Arthur,
Gwenivere and Lancelot, it's an amazing story of HIS-story.
David Jay Jordan
King Arthur, Gwenivere, and Lancelot
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