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March 22, 2011

I said, Japan did not have any blatant war mongering sins in a former post, but can I mention one of their horrible sins which
seems to be coming back down on them.

For Japan's envirorment is now being destroyed by the greed of their industrial complexes need for power. They demanding so
much electricity for their plants and manufacturing and domestic needs, that they unwisely built nuclear power plants in their

They are meticulous in safeguarding their own land and country. The Japanese having strict safeguards for pollution and
polluters, who dare not degrade their envirorment. Even dump trucks have to wash their tires of mud before leaving a
construction site, so as not to muddy the streets. They cherish their own land and protect trees, streams, surroundings waters
and all. And now all these are getting polluted.

Is it fair ? Have they reaped what they have sown, or is this a mis-justice ?

Well, no country on Earth, has polluted other countries more than Japan ? Their fishing boat trawlers are notorious for
decimating fish populations around poor islands in the Pacific and around the world. They have done this mercilessly for
decades, and yet because small island countries have no navies or coast guards, this destruction and pollution, decimation,
degradation went on and on until now most of these fishing grounds are barren and striped. Japanese corporations are also
notorious for raping the land for minerals, not in their own country of Japan but in any third world country where they
greedily pillage for raw materials. Have they gotten away with it, YES, should they have, NO.

But you say they are humble and meek. YES, to each other, but their pride in being better than other races has for decades
meant they think they are superior to 3rd world people and have treated them accordingly. Are they polite and
subservient ? Yes, to their own, but not to outsiders or when they are abroad.

In a college where I used to go, the supposedly polite meek Japanese students were terribly rude and obnoxious when in
groups, whether in the library or outside among others. Together in their groups, they have a different demeanor and atitude.

In other words, are they disciplined in not stealing after a disaster, YES, in amongst their own kind. But if outside in another
country for decades they have stolen from the poor, and NOW what they have sown is what they have reaped.

Our disciple has to be for ALL and not just for our OWN.

Disagree if you like, but that's what I think and have experienced or seen.

Japanese Envirormental Sins