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As mentioned earlier our prophecy calculations were askewed because Daniel 9 includes a SEVEN MONTH CLEANUP after
the SEVENTH VIAL to clean up the mess, bury the dead, and prepaqre for the entry of the King of Kings through His
triumphant gate in Jerusalem. (SEE below, the two posts that explain this).

So what happens theoritically on August 10th 2017, our TWO WITNESSES die on the steps of the 3rd Temple, and the
Rapture occurs three and a half days later. So keeping that birthday parameter of our PROPHETS BIRTH and DEATH at
August 10th, notice that EXACTLY SEVEN MONTHS after this years August 10th, 63rd birthday, 210 days later exactly,
the Japanese earthquake and tidal wave has occured.

Coincedence, I think not. It may be confirming. But then again if three and a half days more and a nuclear reactor completely
blows, then that also would be a foreshadowing of the greatest explosion ever, the RETURN OF THE ALL POWERFUL

When does HE. come back, after the biggest EARTHQUAKE OF ALL TIME, tat totally destroys every city and every tower
and every building of man, followed by horrendous tidal waves to sweep away the debris and remembrance of these horrible
cities of man, and the worship of them. SEE

Do you see the pattern and parallel and foreshadowings. Jonah in the whale, Jesus in the tomb, and our Two Witnesses dead
for three and a half days (REV 11).

Maybe Yes, but maybe not, ...YET 45 days later is what determines whether my prophecy timeline is correct. For then on
April 22nd, 2011 the Last 7 Years has to start to be correct. Compare
April 22 2011

We shall see, as we are suppose to be forewarned and not just fret after the facts, events and catastrophies.


JapaneseEarthquake - 7 months after ...