As a possible addition to our comments on how a heterosexual relationship can be the basis for polyamoury and multiple mates.
Can I say, that many Christian swingers, almost berated singles as extraenous and unwanted, when it comes to sharing because in
essense they had no one to share with the other heterosexual partner.

In other words they only wanted to share with couples rather than singles. This usually leaving single guys out of the mix and
ALONE. These couples do search for the elusive female SINGLE to add to their harem because they deem her no threatening to
the male ego, and sometimes acceptable to a bi wife if the single is submissive.

Ugh, that's not real sharing or love folks. A married couple can be the basis for adding more, but we can not oust SINGLES or
treat them as lesser citizens of the kingdom than us. We have a few advanatages because of our marriages, and we may possibly
be more mature, but there is no quarantee. Mere marriage is no certificate in showing we are more mature or advanced than a single
person, it could be just the opposite.

Real marriages are not civil but are based on a real mariage and connection to the Lord. We are suppose to be married to HIM,
FIRST and FOREMOST. hence a single can be married whereas a civil marriage couple could both be single in the eyes of the
Lord and literally.

So us 'married brethren' better watch out that we do not belittle the singles among us....... And if we really want to be precise, we
also better watch out that we do not label married males (or females) as NON BRETHREN if their wifes (or husbands) limit
them. They can be above all others single in heart and soul and may need further union than even the singles. So it isn;t always, as
simple as a piece of paper or long tenure together that determines singleness brethren. We have to watch out how we treat others,
and see the need and see if they fit in with us, and we ALL join together in HIM.

Just a thought, did you catch it ?

Lets be good and considerate to singles !!! Everyone needs love, and then someday they may couple and start their own twosome
and then threesome and the power of love spread even further. A poem went like this .....

They drew a circle that left me out....
He drew a circle that brought me IN

HE IS JESUS, let's bring others IN rather than excluding them and leaving them OUT.
David Jay Jordan
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