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                                    Incest is Biblically Wrong

I personnally think 'incest' is against the law of love of the Lord, because it involves a
domination of one over another, and hence intimidation can be involved which means there was
not free choice. And free independant choice rather than force, coercion, expectations, social or
family pressure is an absolute must in achieving real genuine love.

Sure the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve mated and had offspring but that was because
there was no one
else to pair up with. And sure, Job's daughter got him to mate with her to carry on the lineage,
but that was
because they were isolated and separated from any that had FAITH. But those were early
exceptions that are
not the general rule. Todays there are an infinite number of possibilities beyond the family
in which to mate with others.

We should not complicate and mix our parental love with sexual love, in my opinion. It is way
too diffciult and can cause immense pyschological damage to our offspring. And if we offent one
of these little ones, who doesn;t have a choice and who isn't an adult, it would be better for us to
be cast in the sea and drowned. Sure we can teach our children that sex is good and they can
progress in their time and place and with whom they want, but us parents or relatives are not
acceptable mating partners. It's off limits. There are all these good trees, so why choose one that
mixes parental love and sexual love. No point, no benefit and all these problems would and
could and will occur. Forget incest, Consider..
Protect the Young Sexually )

The Lord after a few generations of mankind said, no to incest because He wanted the mixing of
couples and
groups so as to provide a healthy genepool and to prevent cults and groups and special isolated
developing. He demanded that the children of Israel welcome strangers, and give them equal
rights as those
born in the group. The Lord welcomed rahab , the prostitute and her family into the
Encampment and
welcomed Ruth and her seuxal escapades with Boaz into the lineage of the Son of God. The Lord
considers all
his children and so does not want special little interest groups developing. It's unhealthy. I mean
in Canadam, they have established racist laws which say that Naitive Indians that marry whotes
and dilute their bloodlines to less than 50 per cent will lose all their Indian status rights and
financial benefits. This causing the natives to marry only among themselves and their small
intimiate group, of relatives. It isnl;t healthy mentally or socially or spiritually.

And for this reason I believe the Lord has always been for the mixing of cultures rather than
inbreding Inbreding allows weaknesses to manifest themselves genetically, and spiritually it
means arrogance and isolation can limit love from spreading to others. Its a curse in my opinion.

I don't even like too much nudity between parents and children. I like children nude with other
children of their age if they so choose. I prefer adults nude with other adults, and not with those
much younger than them. For even King David immorally used his kingly power and position to
intimidate and rape Bathseba. And it wasn't with physical force but spiritual intimidation.
Shameful and it cost Israel dearly.!!

A missionary leader used intimidation and his position and group pressure to rape my wife, and
that also was rape. So I think we have to absolutely stay away from any type of situation where
free choice is not honoured and where our position over someone may intimidate them into
succombing to us sexually.