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January 31, 2011

Here's a simple explanation as to how HAARP low frequency brain wave manipulation directed at a place can cause
EARTHQUAKES (and brain death's). As mentioned this technology was stolen from Tessla, and even Reich..... they are
mastering it now. IMO


From http://www.voidspace.org.uk/psychology/resonance.shtml

By studying the way that waves interact with other waves, researchers have found that even low-powered oscillations can
have enormous effects on standing waves, physical structures, and even the human brain. The principle which describes this
particular wavelength interaction is known as resonance. When you resonate with something, you are emitting a wave signature
which is "in sync" with it. By applying a constant resonant frequency to a standing wave, you can intensify, reinforce, and
prolong the standing frequency of that wave. Researchers posit that by applying these concepts of resonance to waves emitted
by the brain, it is possible to induce altered brain states. These current methods of "brainwave entrainment" are based on
discoveries made by the 19th century inventor Nikola Tesla ­ the electrical pioneer who developed the alternating current
system of electricity that is currently in use all over the world.

Tesla first realized the massive potential of resonant waves in 1898 when he performed a simple experiment with an
electromechanical oscillator the size of an alarm clock. He attached the device to an iron pillar that ran down through the center
of his lab into the foundation of his building. His plan was to let it simply tap away until he could produce a significant
vibration in the pillar. However, Tesla was unaware that the vibrations from the oscillator were being conducted through the
iron pillar down into the substructure of the city. Just as earthquakes are normally the strongest at a short distance from their
epicenter, nearby buildings shook and windows shattered while Tesla's lab remained unaffected. Without rapid police
intervention, Tesla may have let the oscillator run all night as buildings crumbled around him.

ZAP, for reading down to the next paragraph, Tessla entrainment means....

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"The principle cannot fail," Tesla would say. He understood that a steady frequency of tiny waves would eventually create
enormous ripples if they were timed just right. What Tesla demonstrated was a principle of resonance known as entrainment -
the ability of a frequency to cause a less powerful frequency to fall into rhythm simply by placing the two frequency emitters
in close proximity. In other words, if you take an electrical oscillator with a power rating of 10 watts that is oscillating at a
frequency of 1000 cycles per second (cps), and place it next to an oscillator with a power rating of 1000 watts vibrating at a
frequency of 5000 cps, eventually the slower oscillator will be entrained to vibrate at 5000 cps because of the more powerful
electromagnetic field created by the 1000 watt oscillator. ( End of excerpt )
Now if HAARP or the Chinese or Russian versions have MILLIONS OF WATTS at a high frequency, then it seems they
could easily entrain earthquakes or easily entrain birds who brains have to explode when that waatage is directed at them.


Moving down that hyperlink, it appears maybe my postulation about 7.83 to 8.25 cycles or frequency per second is
somewhat confirmed. To achieve these novel mind-states, Monroe recorded two channels of audio data using a stereo tape
recorder. On one channel he recorded a frequency of 200 cps, and on the other channel he recorded a frequency of 208 cps.
When he played the recording back through a pair of stereo headphones, what Monroe discovered was that while one ear heard
the 200 cps tone, and the other ear heard the 208 tone, the brain interpreted the tones as an eight cps frequency, and began to
entrain itself to that frequency. In other words, the brain could only distinguish the eight cps difference, and this frequency was
powerful enough to entrain brainwaves.

Eight cylcles per second is close to the Earth's resonance and is close to the lower octave of 33 at 8.25, and fits into a lower
octave of the brain waves range.


OK Forgive, if I follow this thread to its conclusion or possible conclusion Our skulls are crystaline, and are shaped for
reception and transmission, as with the copy called a crystal radio.   
Crystal Skull

The crystal being six sided and a phi pyramid on top ...Graphics   SEE   Crystal Pyramid

So from the above preceeding posts, when Jesse Ventura showed how HAARP could create internal or whispering voices
within a population of humans, then you should be able to see that this application in military terms could be very useful and
used against an ecternal proup or an internal one for crowd control etc etc etc... all nefarious manipulations of our will through
internal voices, at a brain wave frequency of around 8 cycles per second.

This being between alpha and theta states, so that in the fully awakened active state those voices in our memory make a duped
population do what those unspiritual voices told them to do.

Sounds to me, like the dead birds were part of that manipulation via trial and error before the real sound of disharmony comes
through. Just my opinion from research.

How HAARP causes Earthquakes and Inner Voices