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Let me suggest that the Holy Spirit is trying to whisper to us, all day long and what we learn from Her is only dependant on
whether we will listen or not. For just like prayer is not suppose to merely be a certain time and place and method of focusing
on the Lord, but more of a walking-talking experience with Him. We should be doing it all the time as we enjoy the company
of the Lord and Lady and communicating back and forth with them.

So you may think, I support study, study, study, and endless research as the answer for progressing spiritually. Well not
exactly so, as I don't think all the study in the world is going to help any of us unless we have stopped and listened to the Holy
Spirit and have prepared our hearts because of Her whisperings. She is our teacher 24/7 even in our dreams sometimes, so
just studying without tuning into HER, just isn't  going to work in my opinion.

In much wisdom is much grief, and he that increaseth (worldly) knowledge increaseth sorrow ECC 1: 18

Be admonished: of making many books [there is] no end; and much study [is] a weariness of the flesh. ECC 12: 12

I mean from experience, I would suggest that in witnessing to others about the Lord and His Love and Principles, we hardly
ever change anyone's mind. It just never happens, as changing one's mind takes an immense amount of time in most cases.
And so if the Holy Spirit hasn't already talked to them and if they haven't already agreed with Her in heart and soul and
mind, then and only then is there a chance we can be in agreement. If we unite while witnessing, it surely is Not because we
twist their arms or neurons into compliance by our brilliance or oratory, but only because the Holy Spirit has already
reached them and taught them. The Holy Spirit gets the credit, even if She has used us to speak more about Jesus to them.
(Romans 10: 14,15)

And then and only then, if the Holy Ghost has preceeded us, will we ever be able  to add a few details or connect up a few
loose ends for them. We canl;t change any minds directly in my opinion...only the Lord can !!.

A man or woman convinced against their WILL
Is of the same opinion STILL

This little quote has to be true, our Will has to be already towards the Lord's WILL and in the DIRECTION He is already
going, before we can get on board. We have to have been listening to the Lord before hand .... to agree with right up to the
minute instructions.

So in my opinion, the Lord doesn't try to just talk to us sometimes but is always trying to talk to us and teach us. In everything
we do, He or She can speak to us if we will only listen. It isn't dependant just on internet, library, or biblical studies but all
starts with a personal connection to the Lord, where we are comfortable talking to one another... and then more study with
the Lord over our shoulder helps...and then with the Lord and Lady with us we are better able to live out and experience what
they have taught us and what we have learned.

This is that still small voice that the Bible speaks so much about, and it is that small very audible voice that is trying to direct
us and progress us. (1 Kings 19)

Just a thought


PS) The possible down side to this, is that we are much more responsible than we can ever imagine because of all the
communication we may have been missing out on, because we were tuned out.
Holy Spirit Whispering and Study