High Priestess shall be our Spokeswoman
David Jay Jordan
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What happened before in the Lord’s history was just a foreshadowing of what shall happen to us. For they without our final
more climatic finish shall not be complete. They are our brethren from whom we are suppose to learn. In other words, the
patterns set before shall happen again. For just as Moses and Aaron will parallel our Two End Time prophets and leaders, they
each will have their own special characteristics.

There will be Two Prophets

One will be our commander in chief and King, whereas the Queen shall be the High Priestess in charge of the Tabernacle. Our
King shall be of the tribe of Judah, while our Queen shall be from Ephraim.

One will be like Moses, the other like Aaron, who will speak for Moses.

Exodus 4

10  And Moses said unto the LORD, O my LORD, I am not eloquent, neither heretofore, nor since thou hast spoken unto thy
servant: but I am slow of speech, and of a slow tongue.

11  And the LORD said unto him, Who hath made man's mouth? or who maketh the dumb, or deaf, or the seeing, or the blind?
have not I the LORD?

12  Now therefore go, and I will be with thy mouth, and teach thee what thou shalt say.

13  And he said, O my LORD, send, I pray thee, by the hand of him whom thou wilt send.

14  And the anger of the LORD was kindled against Moses, and he said, Is not Aaron the Levite thy brother? I know that he can
speak well. And also, behold, he cometh forth to meet thee: and when he seeth thee, he will be glad in his heart.

15  And thou shalt speak unto him, and put words in his mouth: and I will be with thy mouth, and with his mouth, and will teach
you what ye shall do.

16  And he shall be thy
spokesman unto the people: and he shall be, even he shall be to thee instead of a mouth, and thou shalt
be to him instead of God.

It couldn’t be more straight forward, therefore we should expect that King David of the End Time to also be slow of speech
and yet the High Priestess to be his mouthpiece, and our

Its one of the signs of how we can discern if they are truly the Lord’s anointed. By their words and by their literal signs of
the shepherd’s ROD they carry.