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From: Wisevirgin
Subject: [SexySpiritualChristians]
August 10 - HAARP, Government's Secret Weather Machine
Received: Sunday, August 15, 2010, 4:07 PM

August 10th marked the worst day for Pakistan as over 1 million people were suddenly without jobs, displaced, and homeless
due to a change in the weather?!


August 10th marked Russia's worst day as the drought continues as 25% of all its farmers our without crops?!



Did you forget HAARP?

The HAARP Program: Could this wicked Government use a weather machine as a weapon?



[SexySpiritualChristians] August 10 - HAARP and War

Possible Bro...... and Yes evil HAARP useage could have been used, as they do want to bring down the world's populations,
and they would like to decimate Russia which will be taking over world supremacy from them.

And Yes, in all likelihood they did use HAARP to shake Haiti, right below their capital, cause they wanted another harbor in
the Caribean.

But these kind of loose weather attacks, really are not a distinct decisive event such as either the start of the Iran War or the the
SIGNING of the Covenant ending that war. Its rather specific in prophecy concerning the TEN countries that come together as
the seventh world power... (after ROME's demise) as they agree together on a military, economic religious Covenant that
solves the Mid East conflict. It giving the displaced palestinians some kind of country while allowing the Jews to establish a
religious state. This meaning they could have the security to build the 3rd Temple and whereby pretend to be holy via a
counterfeit ARK put in that temple.

So thanks Bro, for your ideas, but August 10th 2010 might be water under the bridge, and NOT be significant, but AUGUST
10th, 2017 is still, applicaple and true as the timing of the death of the TWO WITNESSES, or their resurrection which
coincides with all of our resurrections at the LAST TRUMPET, when the LORD RETURNS in the AIR.

Again I have not heard voices (except I do keep writing down what I think the Lord is teaching me online and in discussion
groups for safekeeping and possibly teaching in future times) yet because all timelines and stars, and events, and even
DECEMBER 21, 2012 indicate ... AUGUST 10th 2017....... I shall stick to that date.

Not for pride sake, but because if true then it has a very significant meaning, which I will state LATER if it comes about. Just
trying to guess a date is rather meaningless when it comes to being the first to state a date. Shallow, empty, ridicuous
....because you have to know what comes next and next and next and what we are to do...that counts. We have to get things
absolutely right and exact in the END TIME, and have FOREKNOWLEDGE so we know what to do and where to go.

So again thanks Bro for your input on August 10th of this year. I still have not heard what happenned to Mary, or Marian, the
Lebanese aid ship composed of an all woman crew and women activists. It sailed on Auguist 8th and was last heard from on
August 9th. Strange strange, that no-one is mentioning its disappearance, or is it that it got caught up in a port, or diverted to
an Israeli port, or diverted downward to the depths. I don;t know. If that latter happenned then I would say that would be
significant as it truly would start the war they are looking for an excuse to start.

But maybe it is the month equation of 30 days to a month as in the Jewish calendar according to the moon rather than the solar
calendar of 365 days. The Jewish calendar adding a month when needed to update their timing.

For then September 11 2010 would be the starting date for either the Iranian War or the signing of the Covenant. For then 3 and
a half years later would be February 21, 2014.... then add a month to set up the Abomination computer. Did you see it, it does
take a month to set it up or install it electronically into the Temple so as to communicate worldwide to all the goyum followers
of the Beast called the AC. A month, interesting as that would be a 30 day additional month right in the middle of the LAST 7


Ha, but in this timeline I have it as 35 days. But we shall eventually have to get it exactly right, BEFORE it happens because
THEN, we have to go together into the wilderness and have seen who are WITNESSES are so we can follow them as they
follow the LORD. So WISEVIRGIN, is HAARP being used. YES, they always use their weapons for their personal advantage
and the destruction of others. Is the weather going extreme.... YES even though a lot of it is surely natural pollution by man's
insane greed for more wealth, wealth that is being accumulated into the hands of the super rich more and more, so that the poor
are getting poorer and more desperate.

And this even as the Lord Himself brings on earthquakes and plaques as His judgments. He gave and He can take
away...blessed is the Name of the Lord, for in the hereafter He shall be just and fair and compensate or further corrrect.

There she be, in my opinion, but if nothing happens..Onward Christian soldiers keep serving HIM and others.... in LOVE
HAARP on August 10th, 2010
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