David Jay Jordan
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Unfortunately or fortunately, I don't have sound and my computer freezes when watching video, so I haven't watched the full
evidence of why HAARP caused the recent New Zealand Earthquake.

SEE and tell me the evidence ...

But from where we sit, the odds of another Earthquake hitting Christchurch under its church is astronomically high. And don't
give me that crock, that there is a fault line there. And don;t say it is just an accident at random, and this for the second time. It
just doesn;t make sense..

Why such a direct hit on a city like with Port au Prince, etc..... when randam earthquakes would be randomly spread out and
usually be away from major cities most of the time. It doesn't make sense. And why so shallow beneath the surface just as
with the Haiti earthquake. Again, it seems like a set up a man made occurance. Only possible with HAARP.

But why New Zealand, what military advanatage is there in hurting the passive humble non aggressive Kiwi's. What have they
done to anyone ? Nothing !

But wait a minute, if its purpose is to send a message to the world... how appropriate. As it signals they can destroy with great
accuracy anywhere in the world.

I mean Russia knew and told its people that HAARP was aimed at them and caused the dry weather and fires last summer. So
all the major powers would realise behind closed doors that HAARP was again responsible. They won't admit it, but surely
they know, and are fearfull, that they better comply or ELSE. That's terrorism Brethren. Long range terrorism, that we'll shake
you to death terrorism.

And why accurate enough or close enough to ChristChurch's Church of Christ church. Did they literally choose it because it
also would demonstarte that no church (or religion or god)could stand against it. Did they want to show, that they can destroy
religion, church faith, or any other obstacle before it or under it.

So I don't know the magnetgraph read outs and other evidence, but HAARP has a motive for the crime.... and motivation is
needed in a crime.......

And as the Good Lord prophesied, There shall be earthquakes in diverse places in the End Time..... and no place is seemingly
as far away and diverse than the South Island of beautiful New Zealand.

HAARP caused New Zealand Earthquake - 2011