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The now offline expose of HAARP workings by Brother John said distinctly that HAARP was broadcasting at .9 to 1 Hertz.
In other words at about one cycle or pulse per second. This is the same frequency of rock strata AND is the frequency of
EARTHQUAKES. They vibrate the Earth at about one full wave per second.


So it doesn't take a rocket scientist or a geophysical engineer to realise that HAARP can in fact synchronize with the Earth's
natural resonant frequency and then amp up the stress and pressure on geologic plates until eventually it causes a break to
release the built up pressure causing an Earthquake.

But let's get a little more specific, because as we found out the Earth's Resonance is at 7.83 Hertz. Why, well simply because
of the exact design demensions of the Earth's Divine Size compared with the Lord's divinely set Speed of Light, then it means
that lightning hitting the Earth rotates around the earth's crust 7.83 times in one second.

IE.... Approximately a 24,000 miles circumference divided by 186,000 miles/sec = .129 sec for one revolution..... OR 7.8
revolutions of electricity around the Earth in one second = 7.8 Hertz

SEE Earths Frequency

So lets take the more exact figure of 7.83 hertz and see if it fits together with 1 hertz. Well if you divide 7.83 hertz by 8 you get
.978 Hertz.... and it is between the range HAARP apparently broadcasts at to produce earthquakes.

In other words, they have been broadcasting at three octaves below the Earth's Natural Electrical Resonance

One Octave below      3.915 Hertz
Two Octaves below   1.957 Hertz
Three Octaves below   .978 Hertz

It is a harmonic of the Earth's Resonant Frequency meaning it is in tune and in step with the earth's natural frequency.....
SEE Lasers and Alignment and Power -  meaning adding a little energy from HAARP's billion watts from afar can, if given a
little time, increase the pendulum motion and vibration of a whole plate, so as to cause enough stress to eventually make a
break, release the pressure and cause an EARTHQUAKE.

Mystery solved.

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